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FAPSI Budget and Personnel

FAPSI had several tens of thousands of people. If in the Soviet era there were 18 generals in the structures on the basis of which the Agency was subsequently established, in 2002 there were about 70 of them in FAPSI. Tens of thousands of people served in the FAPSI, though according to plans by the year 2001 the number of the agency"s military and civilian employees will be cut by 40 percent. The staff includes graduates from the Orel Military Institute of Government Communications and the Institute of Cryptographic Communications of the FSB [Federal Security Service] Information Academy, as well as mathematicians, physicists, and electronics specialists from Moscow State University, the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, and Bauman Technology and Economics Institute.

Despite personnel reductions, FAPSI plans a significant budget increases, from 2.996 trillion Rubles in 1997 to 10-11 trillion Rubles in 1998-2001. These increases are needed to finance the replacement of all drafted military servicemen with professional soldiers. A major in the FAPSI earns the equivalent of what a colonel general from the Defense Ministry's central apparatus does -- with bonuses, this can total about 3 million rubles per month.

On 01 August 1997, President Yeltsin signed a decree "significantly reducing" the personnel of troops subordinated to FAPSI, although no details about the decree were released. Troops subordinate to FAPSI had not been affected by previous presidential decrees ordering reductions in the armed forces.

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