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Federal Police (FP) Uniforms and Insignia

Iraqi Federal Police (FP)The FP adopted a uniform consisting of pixilated black and blue camouflage uniform similar to the U.S. Army Combat Uniform. The uniform includes a patrol cap, body armor and PASGT Kevlar helmet. Officers and Warrant Officers/Sergeants Major wear either a black or maroon beret (officially the black beret is for FP and the maroon for IA) with the Iraqi national eagle symbol affixed on the left side. The body armor tends to be a mix of camouflage patters or solid black or tan colors. The Shurta required to wear body armor are issued a ballistic vest and have some form of plate insert. However, it is very rare to see the officers wear body armor due to machismo and cultural perceptions.

The Shurta usually wear desert combat boots. Officers may wear combat boots or shoes. There is no standard foot gear in the FP. Boots are a common item that FP troops (including officers) will request from their advisors or coalition force partners. Many of the FP Shurta tend to wear excessive amounts of equipment. It is common to see a Shurta on a checkpoint wearing kneepads on his calves and knees, elbow pads, sunglasses and goggles on his helmet. Some will purchase modified uniforms with extra pockets and Velcro at their own expense. Flashlights and other accessories are common parts of the uniform. Shurta will often ask for batteries for their accessory equipment.

Rank insignia for the FP is identical to that of the Iraqi Army except that shoulder boards are dark blue (or digi-blue). The rank is worn on the shoulder of the uniform. The former military officers usually have gold stars while former police use white stars, however this designation is unofficial. It is rare for the enlisted Shurta, to include NCOs, to wear any rank insignia. It is also common to see a FP Sergeants Major and Warrant Officers wearing U.S. style Command Sergeant Major insignia on their collars.

FP Officers who have a red stripe on their rank are graduates of the Iraqi Command and General Staff College and outrank fellow officers of the same rank without the red stripe. The red stripe brings with it the denotation of ?Staff (Rokum) to the titled rank. A FP Battalion Commander who is a LTC (Moquaddam), and has the red stripe on his rank is a Staff LTC (Moquaddam Rokum), outranks other LTC Battalion Commanders without the stripe. It is important to recognize the Rokum status when referring to an Officer‘s rank. The Rokum status is prestigious and is present in the Iraqi Army, FP, Border Police and local IP rank structure. An Iraqi Officer will maintain his Rokum status throughout his career, and it will represent his formal military education on the Iraqi staff process.

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