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Pioneer Short Range (SR) UAV

avinre~1.jpg (43922 bytes)
Aboard Ship
avonla~1.jpg (25019 bytes) battle~1.jpg (36938 bytes) avlaun~1.jpg (26343 bytes)
Pioneer Mounted on
RATO Stand
VC-6 Det 1 Aboard
USS Missouri Nov 90
Manuvering Pioneer
onto the RATO Stand
avover~1.jpg (27772 bytes) avinfl~1.jpg (16419 bytes) avinfl~2.jpg (12297 bytes)
Pioneer with Ground
Station Below
Pioneer Fly By Pioneer on Night
Approach Landing
Ground Control Station (GCS)
gcsinc~1.jpg (38277 bytes) gcscon.jpg (35226 bytes)
TV Monitor Panel;
Pilot Display Panel;
Pilot Control Desk
GCS Console - Observer Bay(L), Traker Bay (C)
Pilot Bay (R)
avinre~3.jpg (30992 bytes)  
Pioneer "Catching" the Recovery Net During
LPD Ship Ops
Pioneer being Lowered
to the Deck Following
Net Recovery
engine~1.jpg (32900 bytes) freeku~1.jpg (48047 bytes) avatre~1.jpg (33624 bytes)
Saches & Fichtel
SF 2-350 26 hp Engine
Image of Kuwaiti Coast taken by Pioneer from USS Wisconsin, Jan 91. "Free Kuwait" made from 55 gal oil drums Pioneer Base

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