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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles



UAV Designation Crosswalk

Armed UAVs

Operational UAVs are designated by an alphanumeric designator with a two letter prefix and a sequential numerical suffix. The prefix consists of the letter
Q = UAV, preceded by
C = cargo
M = multipurpose [attack]
R = reconnaisance

if only it were so simple
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Payload Weight
Altitude Capability
A160 Hummingbird24-36 hr.300 lbs. 30,000 ft.
AQM-34N Firebee hr. lbs.65-70,000 ft.
AQM-91A Firefly hr. lbs. 78,000 ft.
Aquila hr. lbs. ft.
BAMS hr. lbs. ft.
Battlefield MAV hr. lbs.
BQM-145 Peregrine hr. lbs. ft.
COMPASS ARROW hr. lbs. 78,000 ft.
COMPASS BIN hr. lbs. 51,300 ft.
COMPASS COPE+24 hr. lbs. + 55,000 ft.
COMPASS DAWN hr. lbs. 50,000 ft.
Condor hr. lbs. + 65,000 ft.
CQ-10 SnowGoose
CR-TUAV 4 hr. lbs. 10,000 ft.
CR-UAV 3 hr. lbs. ft.
Cypher3 hr.40 lbs.8,000 ft.
Cypher II3-5 hr.25-35 lbs. ft.
Desert Hawk hr. lbs.500 ft.
Dragon2.5 hr.25 lbs.10,000 ft.
Dragon Eye.5-1 hr. lbs.300-500 ft.
Dragon Warrior3-5 hr.25-35 lbs. ft.
Eagle Eye8 hrs.300 lbs.20,000 ft.
Exdrone BQM-147 2.5 hr.25 lbs10,000 ft.
FCS HALE UAV24 hrs.450 lbs.25,000 ft.
FCS OAV15-25 min.1-7 lbs.8,000 ft.
FCS SUAV2-6 hrs.40-75 lbs.500-1500 ft.
FCS TUAV5-6 hrs.60-200 lbs.15,000 ft.
Firebee1.25 hrs.470 lbs.60,000 ft.
Global Observer JCTD hr. lbs. ft.
Gnat 75048 hrs.140 lbs.25,000 ft.
GQM-93 Compass Dwell
HV-911 Eagle Eye8 hrs.300 lbs.20,000 ft.
Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)20-120 min. - -
Micro Air Vehicle ACTD 17 lbs. 100-500 ft.
Model 3242.5 hrs.200 lbs.43,000 ft.
Model 41012 hrs.300 lbs.30,000 ft.
MQ-1B Predator B hr. lbs. ft.
MQ-8B Fire Scout+ 5 hrs. 3,150 lbs. 20,000 ft
MQ-4C Triton BAMS lbs. ft.
MQ-9B Reaper29 hrs.700 lbs.+40,000 ft.
MQ-12 Warrior Alpha
MQ-17 SpyHawk
MQ-18 A160 Hummingbird24-36 hr.300 lbs. 30,000 ft.
MQ-19 Aerosonde
MQ-25 Stingray
MQM-58 Overseer
MQM-57 Falconer
MQM-105 Aquila
MR-UAV hr. lbs.40,000 ft.
MRE hr. lbs. ft.
Phantom Eye hr. lbs. ft.
Phantom Ray hr. lbs. ft.
P-175 Polecat mins. lbs. ft.
PQM-149 Sky Owl SRUAV
Pointer FQM-151 1 hr.2 lbs.3,000 ft.
Rapid Eye hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-1 Predator29 hrs.700 lbs.+40,000 ft.
RQ-2 Pioneer5.5 hrs.75 lbs.12,000 ft.
RQ-3 Darkstar8 hrs.1,000 lbs.45,000 ft.
RQ-4 Global Hawk42 hrs.1,960 lbs.65,000 ft.
RQ-5 Hunter12 hrs.200 lbs.15,000 ft.
RQ-6 Outrider4 hrs.160 lbs.15,000 ft.
RQ-7 Shadow 4 hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-8 Fire Scout+ 6 hr.2-300 lbs. ft.
RQ-11 Raven80 mins.4.5 lbs.1000 ft.
RQ-13 triskaidekaphobia
RQ-14A Dragon Eye.5-1 hr. lbs.300-500 ft.
RQ-14B Swift
RQ-15 Neptune
RQ-16 T-Hawk
RQ-20 Puma AE. hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-21 Blackjack. hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-22 Global Observer. hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-23 TigerShark . hr. lbs. ft.
RQ-170 Sentinel mins. lbs. ft.
RQ-180 mins. lbs. ft.
SEA FERRET2 hr. lbs. ft.
SENIOR BOWL [D-21] hr. lbs.+90,000 ft.
Tier II Plus42 hrs.1,960 lbs.65,000 ft.
Tier III42 hrs.1,960 lbs.65,000 ft.
Ultra-Persistent Propulsion (UP3S)
Tier III Minus8 hrs.1,000 lbs.45,000 ft.
VT-UAV Dragonfly hr. lbs. ft.
VT-UAV Vigilante16 hr.83-183 lbs.13,000 ft.
VT-UAV Guardian6.25 hr.231 lbs.18,000 ft.
VULTURE hr. lbs. ft.
Warrior36 hr. lbs.25,000 ft.
YQM-94A B-Gull +24 hr. lbs. + 55,000 ft.
YQM-96A R-Tern +24 hr. lbs. + 55,000 ft.
Zephyr JCTD hr. lbs. ft.

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