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A-12 / SR-71 - Airframes


Tail #MODELDisposition
60-6924A-12Blackbird Airpark, Palmdale, CA (AFFTC Museum)
60-6925A-12Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, NY
60-6926A-12crashed 24 May 1963, CIA pilot ejected safely
60-6927A-12 Museum of Science/Industry, LA (Stored at Skunk Works)
60-6928A-12crashed 05 January 1967, CIA pilot killed
60-6929A-12crashed 28 December 1967, pilot ejected safely
60-6930A-12Alabama Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville
60-6931A-12Minnesota ANG Museum, St Paul, MN
60-6932A-12crashed 5 June 1968, CIA pilot killed
60-6933A-12San Diego Aerospace Museum
60-6934YF-12Adestroyed on landing 14 August 1966
60-6935YF-12AUSAF Museum, Dayton, OH
60-6936YF-12Acrashed 24 June 1971, crew ejected safely
60-6937A-12Storage, Plant 42 (Skunk Works)
60-6938A-12 USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, AL
60-6939A-12destroyed on landing 9 July 1964, crew ejected safely
60-6940A-12 Museum of Flight, Seattle
60-6941M-12crashed 30 July 1966 , pilot survived, LCO killed
64-17950SR-71A destroyed on takeoff 11 April 1969, crew ejected safely
64-17951SR-71A Pima Air Museum, Tucson, AZ (NASA YF-12C 937)
64-17952SR-71A crashed 25 January 1966, pilot survived, RSO killed
64-17953SR-71A crashed 18 December 1969, crew ejected safely
64-17954SR-71A destroyed on takeoff 11 April 1969, crew ejected safely
64-17955SR-71AAFFTC Museum, Edwards AFB, CA
64-17956SR-71B Operational, NASA Dryden FRC, Edwards AFB, CA
64-17957SR-71B crashed 11 January 1968, crew ejected safely
64-17958SR-71A Robbins AFB Museum, GA
64-17959SR-71A Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, FL
64-17960SR-71A Castle Air Museum, Merced, CA
64-17961SR-71AKansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, Hutchinson, KS
64-17962SR-71AReserve Fleet, Plant 42, Palmdale, CA
64-17963SR-71A Beale AFB Museum, CA
64-17964SR-71A SAC Museum, Offut AFB, NE
64-17965SR-71A crashed 25 October 1967, crew ejected safely
64-17966SR-71A crashed 13 April 1967, crew ejected safely
64-17967SR-71AOperational (USAF), Det 2, 9th SW, Edwards AFB, CA
64-17968SR-71A Reserve Fleet, Plant 42, Palmdale, CA
64-17969SR-71A crashed 10 May 1970, crew ejected safely
64-17970SR-71A crashed 17 June 1970, crew ejected safely
64-17971SR-71AOperational (USAF), Det 2, 9th SW, Edwards AFB, CA
64-17972SR-71ANational Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.
64-17973SR-71A Blackbird Airpark, Palmdale, CA (Det 1 ASC)
64-17974SR-71A crashed 21 April 1989, crew ejected safely
64-17975SR-71AMarch Field Museum, March AFB, CA
64-17976SR-71AUSAF Museum, Dayton, OH
64-17977SR-71Adestroyed in takeoff accident 10 October 1968
64-17978SR-71Adestroyed in landing accident 20 July 1972
64-17979SR-71A History & Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, TX
64-17980SR-71A Operational, NASA Dryden FRC, Edwards AFB, CA
64-17981SR-71C Hill AFB Museum, Hill AFB, UT

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