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Long Range Aviation - Organization

Russia's armed forces underwent major organizational changes from July 1997. Long-range aviation and military transport aviation commands were reorganized as air armies of the Supreme High Command. As part of this reform, the Long-Range Air Force was eliminated, with its units becoming the 37th Air Army (Strategic) of the Supreme High Command (SHC).

The Far Eastern force deployed 107 Tu-95 Bear bombers of the G and H models and twenty Tu-160 Blackjack bombers. The Northern and Moscow military districts each house a heavy bomber regiment of twenty modern Tu-22M high-performance jet bombers. The Tu-22M has less range than the older Tu-95 models, but it is better suited to modern air warfare. According to experts, the Bears are located in Asia because they match China's obsolete air defenses, and the more modern aircraft are in Europe to be matched against the more formidable West European defenses.

Long Range Aviation - Order of Battle [1997]

37th Air Army of the High Command [ex Long Range Aviation: DA (Dal'naya Aviatsiya)]
U/I Long Range Aviation HQ unitIl-22Ostatyevo
271st Ind. Mixed Aviation RegtAn-12, -24, -26Ostafyevo
43rd Combat Aircrew Training CenterRyazan
49th Heavy Bomber Training RegtTu-22M, Tu-95MSRyazan
652nd Aviation Training RegtL-29, L-39, MiG-23/27Tambov
79th Heavy Bomber Aviation DivisionUkrainka
1223rd Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-95MSUkrainka
1226th Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-95MSUkrainka
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation Divisionunknown
182nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-95MSMozdok
U/I Heavy Bomber Regt,unknown
326th Heavy Bomber Aviation DivisionSoltsi
52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MShaikovka
840th Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MSoltsi
132nd Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22M? ex-Estonia
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation DivisionBeiaya Tserkov
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MBelaya Tserkov
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MBelaya Tserkov
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation DivisionUssuriysk
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MUssuriysk
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation RegtTu-22MUssuriysk
U/I Heavy Bomber Aviation Divisionunknown
121st / 1096th Guards Heavy Bomber Avn RegtTu-160Engels
230th Air Refuelling Aviation Regt Il-78Engels
U/I Aviation Training SquadronTu-134UBL/BShEngels

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