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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

UR-200 / SS-X-10 SCRAG

DIA   SS-X-10
Bilateral   N/A
Service   UR-200/UR-200B
OKB/Industry   8K81/8K83
Design Bureau   OKB-52 , KB Salyut, Acad V. N. Chelomey
Approved   3/16/1961 & 8/1/1961
Years of R&D   1961-1964
Engineering and Testing   1963-1964
First Flight Test   11/4/1963
IOC   Not operational
Deployment Date   Not deployed, terminated 1964/1965
Type of Warhead   1
Warheads   Single
Yield (Mt)   5 & 15
Payload (t)   2.690 - 3.9 - 4.0
Total length   34.65
Total length w/o warhead   30 - 32
Missile Diameter   3
Diameter of Stabilizers   4.2
Launch Weight (t)   136 -138
Fuel Weight (t)    
Range (km)   12000 & 14000
CEP (m) (Russian Sources)    
CEP (m) (Western Sources)   1800-5500
Number of Stages   2
Canister length (m)    
Canister length w/o
Front meters (m)
Canister diameter (m)    
Booster guidance system   Inertial autonomous with radio correction

    1st stage   2nd stage
Length (m)   16.9 - 19.4   12.9
Body diameter (m)   3   2.2
Fueled weight (t)        
Dry weight (t)        
Engine Designation Main Engines   RD-0203/RD-0204
  RD-0206/RD-0207 (8D46)
Vernier Engine Designation   N/A   Four Verniers
Design Bureau   OKB-154, Acad. S, A, Kosberg   OKB-154, Acad. S, A, Kosberg
Configuration   Cluster of Four Engine   One Main Engine and Four Verniers
Years Of R & D   1961-1964   1961-1964
Propellants   Liquid   Liquid
Fuel   UDMH   UDMH
Oxidizer   (AT) Nitrogen Tetroxide   (AT) Nitrogen Tetroxide
Burning time (sec.)        
Main Engine Thrust Sea Level/Vacuum (Tonnes)   50.0/57.0   58.7 Vacuum
Vernier Engine Thrust Sea Level/Vacuum (Tonnes)   N/A   3.1 Vacuum
Total Thrust Sea Level/Vacuum (Tonnes)   200   62.5 - 71.1 Vacuum
Specific Impulse Main Engines (sec.)   278/311   297
Specific Impulse Vernier engine (sec.)   N/A   322 - 326

Basing Mode   Soft Site Land Based
Hardness   N/.A
Launching Technique   Hot
Deployed Boosters   N/A
Test Boosters    
Warheads Deployed    
Deployment Sites   N/A
Training Launchers   N/A
Space Booster Variant   No

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