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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)



Soviet Designation TU-22M0 TU-22M1 TU-22M2 TU-22M3
US-Designation Backfire A Backfire A Backfire B Backfire C
Design Bureau OKB-156 Tupolev
Manufacturer Plant Nr. 22 Kazan
Development began 1967
First Flight 8/30/1969 6/1/1971 1972 6/20/1977
Series production 1971 1973-1983 From 1977 on
Date deployed Not deployed 1976 1976 1981
Crew 4 men
Unit cost
Power Plant Two NK-144-22 turbojet engines Two NK-22 turbojet engines Two NK-22 turbojet engines Two NK-25 turbojet engines
Thrust 20.000kg each 22.000kg each 22.000kg each 25.000kg each
Length 41.5m 41.5m 41.46m 42.46m
Height 11.05m
Wingspan (minimum) 22.75m 25m 25m 23.3m
Wingspan (maximum) 31.6m 34.28 m 34.28 m 34.28 m
Wing surface 183.5sqm (at minimum sweep), 175.8sqm (at maximum sweep)
Speed (cruise) 900km/h 900km/h
Speed (maximum) 1.530km/h 1.660km/h 1.800km/h 2.300km/h
Ceiling 13.000m 14.000m
Weight (empty) 53,500kg
Fuel weight
Maximum take-off weight 121.000kg 122.000kg 122.000kg 126.400kg
Normal load 6.000kg
Maximum load 24.000kg
Operational Range
[Russian Sources]
4,140km 5,000km 5,100km 7,000km
Combat Radius
[US estimates]
4,000-5,000 km [DIA]
3,360-3,960 km [CIA]
Armament: Two GSH-23 (23mm) guns
  • One to three H-22 missiles
  • two GSH-23 (23mm) guns
  • One to three H-22 missiles
  • six to ten H-15 missiles
  • 24.000 kg of 250-9,000kg free fall bombs
  • one double-barrelled GSH-23 (23mm) guns

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