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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Liftoff Thrust 80,000 kgf.
Liftoff Thrust 790.00 kN.
Total Mass 32,600 kg.
Core Diameter 1.70 m.
Total Length 24.77 m.
Span 8.40 m.
warhead mass 3,000 kg.
Maximum range 3,880 km.
Warheads 1.
warhead "205" nuclear weapon, mass of 3 tonnes
Boost Propulsion Solid rocket.
Boost engine RAT-52.
Cruise Propulsion Turbojet.
Cruise engine KR-15-300.
Cruise Thrust 10,000 kgf.
Guidance Stellar/INS.
Maximum speed 2,775 kph.
Ceiling 24,100 m.
Total Number Built 7.

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