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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

RT-21 / SS-16 SINNER

NATO Sinner
Bilateral RS-14
Service RS-14/Temp-2S
OKB/Industry 15Zh42
Design Bureau (MIT) Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, NII-1, Acad. A. D. Nadiradze
Approved 3/6/1966 - 3/ 4/1966 IRBM, 7/10/1969 officially
Years of R&D 1964-73
Engineering and Testing 1972-74
First Flight Test 3/14/1972
IOC 2/21/1976, Halted in 1977
Deployment Date 3/11/1976
Late 1975 - US Estimate
Type of Warhead Single
Warheads 1
Yield (Mt) 0.65-1.500
Payload (t) 0.940
Total length (m) 18.50
Total length w/o Warhead (m) 16.9
Missile Diameter (m) 1.79
Launch Weight (t) 41.5 - 44.2
Fuel Weight (t)  
Range (km) 9,200-10,500
CEP (m) (Russian Sources) 450-1,640
CEP (m) (Western Sources) 360-480

Number of Stages 3
Canister length (m) 20.01
Canister length w/o
front meters (m)
Canister diameter (m) 3.22
Booster Guidance System Inertial, autonomous

  1st stage 2nd stage 3rd stage Bus Stage
Length (m) 8.58 4.4 3.9  
Body diameter (m) 1.79 1.47 1.3  
Fueled weight (t) 26.63 8.7 8.7  
Dry weight (t)        
Solid Motor Designation        
Propellants Solid Propellant Solid Propellant Solid Propellant  
Burning time (sec.)        
Solid Motor Thrust Sea Level/Vacuum (Tonnes)        
Specific Impulse Sea Level/Vacuum (Sec.)   Vacuum Vacuum  

Basing Mode Ground mobile
Launching Technique Mortar Cold Launch
Deployed Boosters  
Test Boosters  
Warheads Deployed  
Deployment Sites  
Training Launchers  
Space Booster Variant No

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