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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


DIA   SS-X-15 (SS-XZ-15)
NATO   Scrooge
Service   RT-20P
RT-20PII - silo version
OKB/Industry   8K99 (15II696)
Years of R&D   1965-1969
Design Bureau   OKB-586 (Acad. M. K. Yangel)
Approved   8/24/1965
Engineering and Testing   1963-1967/69
First Flight Test   10/1967
IOC   1969
Deployment Date   Not deployed 10/__/1969
Type of Warhead   Single
Warheads   1
Yield (Mt)   0.5 or 1.5
Payload (t)   0.545 or 1.410
Total length (m)   17.48-17.8
Total length w/o warhead (m)   16.2
Missile Diameter (m)   1.8
Launch Weight (t)   30-30.2
Fuel Weight (t)   25.4
Range (km)   11000 or 7000-8000
CEP (m) (Russian Sources)   2000-4000
CEP (m) (Western Sources)   600-1800

Number of Stages   2
Canister length (m)   18.90
Canister length w/o front meters (m)   NA
Canister Diameter (m)   2
Booster guidance system    

    1st stage   2nd stage
Length (m)   6.12   8.4
Body diameter (m)   1.8   1.8
Fueled weight (t)   16.7   8.9
Dry weight (t)        
Liquid Engine Designation   N/A   RD-857 (15D12) (8K94)
Solid Motor Designation   RDTT 15D15   N/A
Design Bureau       Acad. M. K. Yangel
Years of R&D       1963-1967 terminated
Propellants   Solid   Liquid Storable
Fuel   N/A   UDMH
Oxidizer   N/A   AT=AK-27P, N204, Nitrogen Tetrioxide
Burning time (sec.)   210 + 5    
Thrust Sea Level /
Vacuum (Tonnes)
  60   114-115
Specific Impulse Sea Level/Vacuum (sec.)   ?   329.5 vacuum

Basing Mode   Ground mobile & silo concept (SLBM?)
Launching Technique   Cold
Deployed Boosters   0
Test Boosters    
Warheads Deployed   0
Deployment Sites    
Training Launchers    
Space Booster Variant   NA

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