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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


RN-24 Everything that is connected with the nuclear potential of the country is under the veil of secrecy, but sometimes it is possible to see and touch the real products, even if they were removed from the armament.

The fact is that the exhibition "Nuclear Shield of Russia" was opened in the Chelyabinsk State Museum of Local History. The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the industry. The exposition presents an extensive collection of exhibits that includes "specialties" of South Ural atomic scientists: combat parts of R-29 ballistic missiles, R-27 missile combat blocks, 244N bombs, 152 mm and 203 mm artillery ammunition, etc. The venue of the exhibition was chosen not by chance, because the most important milestones of the history of the Soviet atomic project are connected with the South Urals. On the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, the first industrial nuclear reactor, the nuclear weapons development center (VNIITF-RFNC), the Special Design Bureau for long-range missiles (SKB-385, subsequently the design bureau of machine building, Miass) were created. Secret objects and cities were built, which for decades were not on maps, did not have a specific address or even a name: Baza-10, Combine No. 817.

The exhibition "The Nuclear Shield of Russia", became a significant event in the cultural life of the city, Chelyabinsk modelers simply could not get around it with their attention. The friendly attitude of the museum staff allowed making detailed photos and measurements of museum exhibits.

At the exhibition, the index was not indicated, only "Airbomb, 1971" was written on the plate, but the identical bomb is shown in the film "KB-2 VNIITF" , and they say it is "244". Product 244N, the first atomic bomb mastered by serial production and adopted for service of front and long-range aviation. As a carrier, any airplanes of front-line aviation capable of carrying "special ammunition" can act. The bomb is designed to destroy fortified areas, command posts, missile positions and other targets. It is allowed to use from a height of 500 to 30 000 m and at speeds up to 3000 km / h, both with horizontal flight, and with a complex kind of maneuver.

Information on the same (again, as far as can be judged by appearance) bomb from the VNIITF website: "The first atomic bomb, mastered by serial production and adopted by the front and long-range aviation." The length is 3365 mm, diameter 580 mm, weight 450 kg Aerodynamic shape with low coefficient of resistance Tail feather type "free feather." Bombing is allowed from both horizontal flight and with a complex form of maneuver.

The air bomb was developed by RFNC (VNIIP) and adopted in 1971. Serial production was carried out by the Instrument-Making Plant in Trekhgorny. Bombs were removed from service in 1984.

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