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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Mozyr 52° 3'1.82"N, 29° 15'35.76"E

Mazyr (Mozyr' in Russian) is in Belorussia and was subordinate to the Mozyr Division of the Vinnitsa Strategic Rocket Force Army.

A group of three possible canisters was imaged in June 1977 in front of the clerestory payload assembly building. Each canister was approximatelymeters in diameter and appeared to have two light-toned bands, one near each end. The location of these canisters near the MIRV-associated payload assembly building and their size suggest that they are possibly for the fully assembled SS-20 MIRV payload.

Today, the Mozyr district is one of the largest industrial, agricultural and cultural centers of Belarus, in addition, modern Mozyr is a major construction and sports center of the Polessky region. Mozyr - one of the most ancient cities of the Belarusian Polesye, is located on a hill called the Mozyr Ridge, on the banks of the picturesque river - Pripyat. The first mention of the city dates back to 1155. In 2005, the city celebrated its 850th anniversary. A lot of things have been transferred from the moment of formation to the present day. Many times he got up from the ruins to build himself again and become even more beautiful. In the national image of Belarus, Mozyr received almost officially the status of the capital of southeastern Polesye, and in the poetic version, the confirmation of the same meaning is “Pearls of Polesye”. Hilly terrain, an abundance of green spaces in which streets, boulevards and squares are buried create a unique look of the city. These places are often called by the people “Belarusian Switzerland”.

Modern Mazyr is a unique combination of ancient streets, Castle Hill, churches, temples and at the same time new residential neighborhoods, city-forming enterprises, such as the Mozyr oil refinery, Mozyrsol, etc. Only in Mozyr the riverbanks of Pripyat are connected by the three longest bridges in Belarus.

Mazyr district of Gomel / Homiel region of Belarus has several important architectural monuments and landmarks. Most of the landmarks and attractions of the Mozyr district are located in the town of Mozyr, the Catholic Church and several Orthodox churches, and a whole range of other historic buildings. The town itself is very picturesque. Mozyr is located in the hills on the banks of the Pripyat. In Mozyr district there are other architectural monuments and sights in other towns, mostly churches and manor.

The microdistrict called Zheleznodorozhny can also be called Leninsky, as there are three monuments to the leader of the world proletariat. The most ceremonial is near the building of the “Mozyrdreva”, which was errected in 1989. Secondary school No. 2 acquired its own monument, the one that was replaced in 1989. August 1991, commemorative by the abbreviation GKChP, came. On August 22, 1991 the school monument was unveiled, immediately after the end of the coup in Moscow.

On 07 February 2020, in Mozyr, in the new Catapulta shopping center, the KFC restaurant opened. From the very first days of the restaurant's guests, surprises, promotions and, of course, legendary chicken dishes according to the original recipe of the founder of the chain were waiting for the guests. KFC is an international restaurant brand with a long history, specializing in chicken dishes. The brand’s history began with Colonel Harland Sanders, who created a unique chicken recipe using 11 herbs and spices over 75 years ago. Today, KFC still follows the formula for success created by Colonel Sanders. Chicken comes to restaurants from a certified Belarusian producer that meets all the requirements of the company. The team of the new restaurant is 100% Mozyr residents, which means that more than 40 new jobs have been created.

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