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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


VNIItridormash tested two American self-propelled scraper "Terra Cobra" in 1947, but gave a far from positive response about this type of technology. The Soviet national economy needed a highly maneuverable machine as a base for self-propelled scrapers and other earthmoving equipment. Thus, in 1955, in the newly formed Special Design Bureau (SKB-1) of the Minsk Automobile Plant, headed by Chief Designer B.L.Shaposhnik, began to develop the design of a single-axle tractor - the first in the Soviet Union. l

In 1956 Boris Shaposhnik developed one of his amazing machines, which was originally intended for a self-propelled scraper, but was in demand by the Strategic Missile Force. On the basis of the MAZ-529V uniaxial tractor, the 8U210 portal type gantry and the 8U217 launching table carrier for the largest (2300 pcs.) Soviet medium-range R-12 missile

In 1956, SKB-1 developed and assembled a prototype of a unique uniaxial road construction tractor MAZ-529 to as a part of self-propelled scraper D-357. It was equipped with a 120 hp diesel engine YAZ-204A from MAZ-200 truck mounted in a front overhang. The first prototype had a slightly offset to the right driver's cab. The transmission included a dry twin-plate clutch, 4-speed gearbox with two-stage splitter and planetary final drives in the wheel hubs of both wheels. Two drum brakes have a pneumatic actuator. MAZ-529 had no suspension. Curb weight - 8.5 tonnes, GCVW - 34.3 tonnes, maximum speed - 40 kph.

According to Order No. 18 of January 31, 1958, "On the Plan of Experimental Design for 1958" , signed by the Director of MAZ, Sergei Mikhailovich Kishkin (in 1949 he was the head of the assembly shop GAZ and "for the design of the car M-20" Victory " and its mass production " became a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR , in 1955-1959 - Director of MAZand later - state and economic figure of the BSSR, honored worker of industry), by April-May 1958, 3 more prototypes of MAZ-529 were to be assembled and rolled up, and by the end of the year all design and finishing works and factory tests had been completed. However, these plans had to be adjusted - in April the Government decided on specialization in the automotive industry. One of the points of this decision was to transfer the production of single-axle tractors and scrapers, developed at the Minsk Automobile Plant , a lifting-transport equipment plant named after SM. Kirov Mintyazhmash USSR in Mogilev, which by this time produced electric bridge cranes, steam power plants and oil tankers based on GAZ-51 cars.

In June 1958 the production of the uniaxial MAZ-529B was transferred to the Mogilev Automobile Plant, which owes its birth to this tractor of Boris Shaposhnik. The Mogilev plant (its modern name - the Mogilev Automobile Plant (MoAZ) named after SM Kirov - the enterprise received only March 28, 1966) established a "screw-on" assembly of modernized uniaxial wheel tractors MAZ-529B with a double cab and engine Yaaz-M206A with a capacity of 180 hp. Since September 2, 1958, the production of an installation lot of machines begins, which is completed by the end of the year. Gradually the plant was refitted and refitted for full-scale serial production.

Its modification, called MoAZ-546, for a long time was in service with the Strategic Missile Forces, providing for the installation of missiles, including intercontinental R-36. These were developed for more than 30 years, from March 1959 to June 1989. It is quite symbolic that on May 15, 1960 the 85th Smolensk-Berlin Red Banner Regiment of the 31st Missile Division, which was stationed next to Boris Shaposhnik's hometown, became the first regiment in the history of the Strategic Missile Force to intercept the ground launch complex of the R-Pinsky. The R-12 missiles, which were the first to be able to deliver thermonuclear warheads to the target, entered the arsenal of three divisions in Byelorussia: the 31st (Pinsk), the 32nd (Postavy) and the 33rd (Mozyr).


  • MAZ-529V - basic version of the towing vehicle, prototype testing since 1957, max. Weight of the truck with semitrailer and costs 24000 kg
  • MAZ-529B - modified version, max. weight of the truck with semitrailer and costs 34000 kg
  • MAZ-529G - modified version for transporting heavy loads, max. weight of the truck with semitrailer and costs 57400 kg
  • MAZ-529D - tractor with additional cardan shaft for trailer aggregates, maximum tractor and trailer weight 35400 kg
  • MAZ-529Je - single-purpose tractor - scraper
  • MAZ-529I - version produced since 1968 with a more powerful motor
  • MAZ-529M - version MAZ-529I modified in tropical and subtropical regions
  • further development originated in 1969 entraining MoAZ-546 and in 1989 MoAZ-6442 and derived versions thereof.

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