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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Galosh - Moscow System

The Galosh missile was paraded in Red Square in 1964, and characterized as an ABM interceptor. The missile has never been seen in public except in its launch container. Galosh three-stage solid-fueled interceptor missile, which is about 20 meters long with a range of over 300 kilometers and a warhead with a yield of several megatons. This interceptor is no longer operational.

In the late 1960's construction started on eight launch sites for this system in the vicinity of Moscow, with four of these sites actually becoming operational. In the late 1970's two of these sites were de-activated, in anticipation of subsequent upgrades. Each site has 16 launchers with associated radars and battle-management computers. On the whole the performance of the Galosh would seem to be similar to that of the American Nike-Zeus.


Russian missile designation: A-350 A-350 (?)
Russian system designation: A-35 A-35
DIA temporary code: SH-01 SH-04
DIA code: ABM-1a / ABM-1 mod.1 ABM-1b / ABM-1 mod.2
NATO reporting name: Galosh Mod.0 Galosh Mod.1
Designer: Grushin OKB (OKB-2)
(now MKB Fakel)
Grushin OKB (OKB-2)
(now MKB Fakel)
Manufacturer: Kisunko SKB (SKB-30)
(now NIIRP)
Kisunko SKB (SKB-30)
(now NIIRP)
Development year: 1960 ?
Deployment year: ? ?
First seen in public: 1964 ?
Retirement year: ? (no longer operational) ? (no longer operational)
Type: Exo-atmospheric
(upper-tier) interceptor
(upper-tier) interceptor
Guidance: Radar command Radar command
Propulsion: Three solid-fueled stages Two solid-fueled stages and
a restartable liquid-fueled
third stage for improved
post-launch re-targeting
Range: 322 km. 322 km.
Warhead: Nuclear (2 - 3 Mt) Nuclear (2 - 3 Mt)

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