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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Belgorod-22 / Military unit 25624
50.558061, 35.754448

In the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, fighting continued between the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the security forces controlled by the Putin regime. The situation developed rapidly. For more than a day, the Russian security forces were in the role of helpless babies, unable to cope with a detachment of "saboteurs" who did what they wanted: they seized frontier posts, checkpoints and even enemy settlements.

According to the information coming from the Belgorod region, the RDK fighters passed the settlements of Kozinka, Glotovo and Gora-Podol almost unopposed and entered into battle with Putin’s security forces in the settlement of Grayvoron, from where the nuclear weapons storage base was a little more than 15 kilometers along the highway and less than 10 kilometers in a straight line.

Some speculated that the purpose of the special operation of the RDK is to capture the nuclear weapons storage base, which is located near the village of Antonovka. Moreover, it is to capture, and not to destroy, otherwise drones or missiles would be used. The nuclear weapons storage base “Object 1150” or “Belgorod-22” (military unit 25624), which is located just 17 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, and less than 10 kilometers from the place where active hostilities were taking place.

According to information from open sources, an unknown number of 240-mm 3VB11 rounds for 2S4 Tyulpan self-propelled mortars with a special RD14 nuclear warhead, the so-called tactical nuclear weapon, was transported to the territory of this base from about the end of September 2022. There is a version that the Russian military wanted to use these ammunition in order to stop the counterattack on Kupyansk, but abandoned this idea. At the same time, they were not taken out of the Belgorod region either, back deep into the territory of Russia.

In Russia, an urgent evacuation was reportedly being carried out in the Graivoronsky district. Nuclear stockpiles are being removed from a nearby storage facility called Belgorod-22. This was stated by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov on the air of the telethon. The evacuation of nuclear stocks is connected with the entry into the territory of the Russian region of Russians from the Legion "Freedom of Russia" and the "Russian Volunteer Corps".

"The Belgorod-22 facility, which is a storage facility for nuclear weapons, is being evacuated as a matter of urgency. This place is located not far from the Graivoronsky district," the Ukrainian military intelligence representative said. According to Andrey Yusov, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDC) and the Freedom of Russia Legion operate within the Ukrainian legal framework as part of the Defense Forces, but operate autonomously on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Miliotary Unit 63936 facility is wonderful - very beautiful and healthy. The town itself - as if it got into the 70s, except that there are no slogans about the CPSU. There are problems with water: the heat is terrible, but there is nothing to drink (tap water smells like sewage). Theere is a swamp, part of it is in the forest, and they have their own well, they pump water from the swamp.

The officers reported to the soldiers' relatives, in short, then:

  • there is no hazing, as it were, this is being monitored. A lot of inspections for the absence of beatings, high requirements for compliance with the charters. The company commander said in the evening they inspect for beatings.
  • excellent supply for everyone, high nutritional standards and a variety of uniforms. Those who wish then went into the dining room, where all this abundance is laid out and arranged for viewing and sampling. The menu is varied, dishes to choose from.
  • medical care - at the height, from the medical unit and your own hospital to service (if necessary) at the Central Hospital of the Moscow Region near Moscow.
  • "soldier's tea room" - you can please yourself with something, if you have something. Those who wish also come to admire. We didn't go. In general, everyone's happiness and luck that they got here.

In fact, from the stories of the soldiers, the picture is somewhat corrected.

  • hazing in training, of course, there is practically no (where does it come from, after all, there is only one call; after the transfer to the combat unit, it will be clear - there will already be "old-timers" there). In general, it was liquidated recently, only a few months (!!!), so the previous call may still not know about it (!!!).
  • if the CAM soldier gives something or does something for the old-timers, the officers will not fight this (from the speech of the political officer of the unit)
  • The supply is uneven, even in training, different units are supplied differently. The same cigarettes are really issued to someone, to someone - they were not issued for this month. Hemming, shoe cream, etc. they asked relatives to bring them not in vain - in reality they were never given out. The equipment list is an ideal, a theoretical possibility; for example, the sneakers shown among the uniforms were seen only by the mobile company, the rest do without them.
  • food is not so varied, the choice is sometimes not for everyone, a number of dishes - only on holidays and weekends. In terms of volume - apparently enough, no one complained.

So the relatives were shown the perfect picture, window dressing for comfort; the real one will be told by the soldiers themselves after being transferred to the unit. Reality, as usual, is determined by junior officers, sergeants and previous conscription (as elsewhere, that is, everything is individual, as lucky). There are ponds on the territory of the unit, There are a lot of fish. Civilians are not allowed there, only the military catch, they fry carp in the dining room for soldiers.

Company FKU MILITARY UNIT 25624, address: Belgorod region, Graivoronsky district, Belgorod-22, st. Sadovaya, 2 was registered on 06/30/2003. The organization was assigned TIN 3123094766, PSRN 1033107017140, KPP 310801001. The main activity is activities related to ensuring military security, in total 27 types of activities are registered according to OKVED. There are no connections with other companies. Commander - Shkampletov Igor Vladimirovich. Company FKU VOYSKOVAYA PART 25624 did not take part in tenders. 1 enforcement proceeding was initiated against the company. FKU VOISKOVA PART 25624 participated in 112 arbitration cases: in 7 as a plaintiff, and in 10 as a defendant.

Military unit 25624 is a combination of parts with different numbers. Military unit 63936 is a regiment that belongs to military unit 25624. Military unit 63936 includes: auto battalion, security battalion, communications battalion, engineering battalion ... The address for letters and parcels to military unit 63936: 309372, Belgorod region, Graivoronsky district, Golovchino village (Belgorod-22), military unit 63936 and add the letter of the unit where your serviceman is located []"A" - training (pass KMB - Young Fighter Course)].

For citizens who have received a higher or secondary vocational education, in March 2020 there was an opportunity to voluntarily enter military service under a contract for a period of 2 years instead of military service by conscription. The average amount of allowance is from 35,000 to 60,000 rubles. Military unit 25624 is located 75 kilometers from the city of Belgorod, near the village. Golovchino and with. Antonovka, Graivoronsky district, Belgorod region. The military unit has a well-maintained residential town with a developed infrastructure. Military personnel live in 1-2-3-room comfortable apartments of 2-4 storey residential buildings. Prior to receiving official housing, servicemen are provided with rooms in a well-appointed dormitory and hotel. The command of the military unit 25624 is interested in attracting professional, disciplined, responsible citizens to military service under the contract

Those who wish to perform military service under a contract in formations and military units of special support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are also invited. Service in military units of special support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is the fulfillment of tasks for the protection of special facilities, transportation and escort of special cargo.

Arguments in favor of choosing military service under a contract in military special support units:

  • increased by 25% in comparison with other military units salaries of monetary allowance for the occupied military position;
  • free clothing and medical support;
  • regulated mode of service with guaranteed provision of time for rest;
  • free travel to the place of vacation and back (depending on the region), the provision of additional days of vacation;
  • availability of service housing stock to accommodate military personnel and members of his family, as well as the possibility of reimbursement of expenses in the event of choosing housing for hire near the locations of military units
  • presence of own (departmental) social and cultural facilities (kindergartens, schools, garrison houses of officers, trade facilities, etc.) in the places of deployment of formations and military units;
  • providing jobs for the employment of wives of military personnel;
  • for all military personnel under the contract there is an opportunity to receive higher education and subsequent career growth.

Belgorod-22 Belgorod-22 Belgorod-22 Belgorod-22 Belgorod-22
AIn the Belgorod region, Russia announced the start of a counter-terrorist operation in the region on May 22. A number of restrictions will apply in the region, ranging from document checks on the streets to the suspension of the work of enterprises and organizations working with explosive, chemical or poisonous substances. The regime of the counter-terrorist operation in the Belgorod region was introduced only seven hours (!) After the beginning of the penetration of the "DRG". The Kremlin got away with the explanation that what is happening is allegedly an attempt by Ukraine to divert attention from the "capture of Bakhmut by Russian forces." A day later, Peskov was forced to squeeze out something more verbose, but in Russia they are now saying that it would be better if he was silent.

In the evening it became known that the CTO regime was canceled, and the Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of strikes on the territory around the Graivoronovskoye border checkpoint. "The nuance is that the proudly demonstrated power is now being used on the native Russian territory. This is a direct result of the ongoing NWO, which began as" we will reach Warsaw ", but it turns out that along the way you need to somehow try to protect Belgorod," capaciously Russian analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan described the situation. The "invasion" of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation "cheered up" the authorities of the neighboring border regions - the Kursk and Bryansk regions. And judging by how events are developing, in the near future we can expect a "continuation of the banquet" - only in another place.

Ukrainian nationalist formations that infiltrated Russia's Belgorod region have been blocked and defeated, the Russian Defense Ministry said on 23 May 2023. "The Kiev regime, having suffered a defeat in the city of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), proceeded to carry out terrorist actions against the civilian population. On May 22, after intensive artillery shelling of ... a number of civilian facilities in ... the Belgorod region, a unit of the Ukrainian nationalist formation invaded Russia's territory. In the course of the counter-terrorist operation, the nationalist formations were blocked and defeated by air strikes, artillery fire and the active actions of the units covering the state border of the Western Military District," the ministry said in a statement.

More than 70 Ukrainian terrorists, four armored fighting vehicles and five pickups were destroyed as a result of the counter-terrorist operation, the ministry said, adding that the rest were driven back to the territory of Ukraine, where they continued to be hit by fire until they were completely eliminated.

Residents of the settlements of Grayvoron and Golovchino in the Belgorod region, who were resettled due to the penetration of the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group into the territory of the Grayvoron district on Monday, returned to their homes. Residents of three more villages will return in the near future, head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram channel.

The city of Belgorod is the center of the Belgorod region, located mostly on the right side of the Seversky Donets River. The population is three hundred and eighty thousand people. The history of the first settlements begins in ancient times. It is believed that the city was formed at the place of residence of the northerners in the 8th century. Today, the administrative center continues to develop successfully. Belgorod is the first settlement in the Russian Federation, which has earned the title of "City of Military Glory". After all, people have always lived here who showed strength of mind and will during the struggle for the Fatherland. At the moment, the military potential of Belgorod continues to develop. Therefore, every man can show valor and courage in the performance of his official duties. Most children do not want to travel far from home. Then they can be offered another alternative - a unit of the Air Force Armed Forces, which is located directly in the city itself. In this case, the army needs medical workers who have a special education.

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