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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Project 667M "Andromeda" YANKEE SIDECAR

Designer LPMB "Rubin"
Ch. designer O.Ya.Margolin, E.A.Gorigledzhan
Construction plant Sevmash Enterprise
State Transferred to the Navy1983
Displacement, t: Surface 10500 Underwater 13500-13600
Main dimensions, m:
Length max. 152.0
Width max. 14.7-15.0
Draft at design waterline 8.7
Type of main power plant Nuclear steam turbine
Propulsion system
  • 2 x pressurized water reactors VM-2-4
  • 2 x PPU (steam generating units) OK-700 with thermal power of 90 MW each
  • 2 x steam turbine units with GTZA TZA-635 with echelon arrangement of power 20,000 h.p.
  • 2 x 225 kW standby electric motors
  • Propellers 2 fixed-pitch propellers
    Power system
  • 2 x 3000 kW turbine generators
  • 2 x 460 kW diesel generators, diesel generators are equipped with a RDP system with a PMU (lifting and mast device) ...
  • 2 groups of lead-acid accumulator batteries, 112 each.
  • Full speed, knots
  • surface 16.5
  • underwater 23-27 kn (according to various sources)
  • during missile launch - up to 10 knots
  • Depth of immersion, m working - 320 m / 380 m (according to various sources)
  • maximum - 400 m / 450 m (according to various sources)
  • Missile launch depth - up to 40 m
  • Endurance, days 70
    Missile12 x 3M25 "Meteorite-M"
  • 4 x 533-mm bow torpedo tubes
    ammunition - 12 torpedoes of the SET-65 , SAET-60M and 53-65M types .
  • 2 x 400-mm bow torpedo tubes
    ammunition 4 torpedoes SET-40
  • MANPADS "Strela-2M"
    control systemBIUS "Almaz"
    Rocket complex
  • missile system control system "Andromeda"
  • equipment for prelaunch preparation and launch "Klever"
  • boat control system "Bor" for holding in the launch corridor during salvo launch
  • control equipment for ship systems for daily and prelaunch service (KSPPO) "Korshun-44"
  • Surveillance equipment
  • SJSC MGK-400 "Rubicon" - included the main antenna of the SJSC, a circular navigation detector NOK-1, a navigational divorce detector NOR-1, SSC for determining the speed of sound MG-553 "Shkert" Yu GAS for determining cavitation MG-512 "Vint" , echometer MG-518 "North".
  • VBAU "Lastochka"
  • GAS mine detecting MG-519 "Arfa"
  • radar complex RLK-101 "Albatross" with antenna post MRK-57 "Korma"
  • radio direction finder "Veil" with antenna post
  • hydrodynamic log
  • periscope of the television complex MT-70-8
  • anti-aircraft periscope PZNS-8
  • anti-aircraft periscope PZNG-8M
  • SORS (enemy radar detection system) MR-21A "Zaliv-P"
  • Number of crew, pers. 120
    Rescue equipmentVSK pop-up rescue chamber located in the stern of the boat. VSK is not designed for the entire crew