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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Project 605 Golf IV

The Project 605 submarine for the R-27K missile was a refurbished submarine of project 629. The Government regulation of 2 September 1975, No. 765-240, the R-27K rockets were in experimental use until 1982. The Missile DPL Project 605 (Commander and Gerasimov) was created by the refurbishment of a missile-PL-102 (Factory No. 805) project, 629.

Initially for the arming of submarines, except for the strategic ballistic Missile (4K10), designed to defeat important stationary ground targets, the D-5 complex was usedp. The R-27 K (4K18) ballistic missile was also developed by Designer V.P. Makeev. It was a unique passive radar homing system and was designed to defeat major surface objectives of the carrier strike groups.

Compared to the D-27 main missile, the range of the anti-ship option was reduced by half to 900-1100 km. At the beginning of the development, the R-27 K (4K18) rocket was designed in parallel with the R-27 missile (4K10), then it was intended to establish a universal D-5 complex to defeat the fixed-shore targets and large surface ships. Due to the delay in the development of the R-27 K missile, the D-5 complex was adopted to SSBN the 667A project only with a R-27 missile.

To the end of 1967. It has become necessary to create a pilot boat intended for the development of the R-27 K missile. A diesel-electric submarine, the P-102 project of 629, was refurbished for testing of a R-27 K missile under Project 605. On 31 December 1967, in Sec-16 (BSc "Wave"), a telegraph instruction was received by the Deputy minister, Industry YG Derevyanko, on the need to carry out the work of placing on Diesel R. 629 six R-27 K D-5 missiles for their flight-design tests , this planner was three months old.

The Rocket boat of Project 605 was created by retrofitting the submarine project 629 into a new missile complex. The project 605 was executed BSc "Wave" (CH, —) F. Osherov). Initially, it was planned to install a submarine instead of three R-13 missiles, six R-27 missiles. However, in connection with the development of Ksppo units, one block of four rockets was decided to install there are only four D-5 missile launch silos on the submarine. In order to ensure the cursor for the rocket, the R-27 K was A special reception system has been developed for cursor « whale-b » from Tu-95RC aircraft.

To accommodate the four missiles, the « record-2 ″, reception and information processing equipment cursor « whale-B » with two antenna posts, a release antenna device « catfish », additional air-conditioning equipment, etc., after dismantling the old missile complex and Astronavigacionnogo Periscope « Lira » was required to extend to 12.5 m a sturdy hull. Therefore, the length III of the compartment has been extended to the PL, and new compartments III bis and IV have been installed. Instead of the IV missile compartment, two compartments were embeddeded in the Submarine Corps: III bis and IV rockets.

The composition of the torpedo, hydroacoustic and radar weapons, JEJEU and communications equipment was in line with the 629A project. In addition, the « catfish » final antenna was installed. and NC « Sigma » was accepted for picking without ANP « segment ».

Work was reviewed by the Council of main designers with the participation of representatives of the Navy and was the basis of the tactical Technical Mission (TTA) on the project 605.

Already on 11 April, the Military Industrial Commission, by its decision No. 79, obligated the Navy to issue a TTA for the design of the ship, and the Bureau — to present a technical project in III Square. In 1968, the Minsudprom Order of 12 May 1968 asked the BSc "Wave" in parallel with the design of a technical project to start the production of working drawings. < br/> On 11 October 1968, Tehproekt was presented to the leadership in Moscow.

Refitted to an "asterisk" Engineering Enterprise (Director A.F. Zrjachev, ch. A. Rozdin). After the dismantling of the equipment, the ship was brought to MLC and the newly installed Sudovoznom equipment was brought into the workshop for cutting. The new sturdy hull made on the MSP. The ship to-102 (Zaw No. 805) became operational in 1969. Major systems and installations (Dizel'jelektricheskaja, diesel 37, Motors NG-102 and NG-101) The PL has remained as a base project, 629.

The ship's torpedo weapons consisted of six 533 mm torpedo vehicles (two stern). The submarine was set to the "sigma-605" navigation complex, computer "record-2" (Developer Cniipa — Research « granite », cap. O.M. Avroa and O.V. nose constructors), the space cursor complex "whale B-605", the communication facilities remained on the project 629.

The tests of the R-27 K missiles were carried out with diesel-electric PL-102 (Zaw 805, Commander and Gerasimov) of Project 605. At the end of 1972, producers continued, but due to problems with the « record-2 ″ failed to complete. The eight months of the following year, 1973, were in the debugging of equipment, pairs and complex connections, and refinements involving specialists from all the systems of the complex. Only 11 September 1973 Finally, the flight-design tests of the R-27 K missiles began.

The Joint Flight Test Commission and the State acceptance commission of the ship under the chairmanship of Rear Admiral N.S. Boriseeva concluded their work only on 15 August 1975. Having signed a D-5 missile complex and R-27 k and korabel'noju complex cursor « whale-B-605 ″. That the missile complex meets the TTA requirements.

After the government decree of 2 September 1975, No. 765-, the submarine project 605 and the R-27 K missiles were in experimental operation until 1982.

The complex with the R-27 K missiles was estimated to have defeated the major surface targets with a probability of 0.75-0.8. In the future, MSC has developed a draft missile complex with an active targeting system. But because of disagreement with the employer, the work in this direction was not continued.

The exposition of the Museum of SPMBM « City » presents a model of interesting and-underwater submarine project 605.

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