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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Negev Nuclear Research Center
Kirya le-Mechkar Garinii (KAMAG)

Building Analysis

Dimona Reactor Dome

The Dimona heavy water reactor and an installation for processing irradiated fuel are used to produce weapons-grade nuclear material. Approximately 2,700 scientists, technicians, administrative staff, and other workers are employed at Dimona.

Since the facility was constructed in the late 1950's the surrounding land has been altered to sustain groves of palms and gardens positioned to obscure the facility from the road and air.

Floorspace Analysis

Building Function Date of Construction IOC Dimensions / Area-Square Feet Staff
Machon 1 Reactor
Plutonium Production
1958 1965 250 X 327
59590 square feet
Machon 2 Plutonium separtion
1960 1965 110 X 433
48759 square feet

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