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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Muhammadiyat, located 160 km West of Baghdad, was the primary storage area for filled chemical weapons. The exact location of this facility is somewhat obscure, but it appears to be in the vicinity of Muhammadi At the time of the Gulf War the site contained numerous CW munition, many filled with chemical agent. The site was heavily damaged during the war. The UNSCOM teams, and the Chemical Destruction Group completed elimination of CW weapons that survived the bombardment

UNSCOM conducted investigations at a large number of facilities in Iraq, including a majority of the facilities suspected by US authorities as being NBC-related. With three exceptions, Khamisiyah, Muhammadiyat, and Al Muthanna, UNSCOM found no evidence that chemical or biological weapons were present during the campaign; and only at Muhammadiyat and Al Muthana did UNSCOM find evidence that would lead them to conclude that chemical or biological weapons were released as a result of coalition bombing. Post-war intelligence compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency indicates some releases of chemicals at Muhammadiyat and Al Muthanna; however, both are in remote areas west of Baghdad, and each is over 400 kilometers north of the Saudi Arabian border and the nearest coalition base.[GAO]

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