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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Sumar / Soumar

The air-launched Ya Ali LACM has a turbojet motor and can travel an estimated 700 kilometers (km). The ground-launched Soumar LACM, which has a turbofan motor, can allegedly can travel 2,500 km. The Soumar [Earthquake"] is apparently a substitute for the long-awaited Meshkat LACM, which Iranian officials had dubbed “the long-arm of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Sumar is a land that has been attacked with European-made weapons and by the Ba'ath army. The name of this missile is variously rendered as Soumar and Sumar, bu tthe later spelling was used when the missile was first publicly revealed.

The Secretary of Defense and Armed Forces supported the Soumar earthquake missile 18 March 2015. Sardar General Hussein Dehghan briefed journalists on the event with reference to the Ministry of Defense's strategy for intelligent weaponry and equipment required by the armed forces and the provision of a new generation of advanced weapons. The SUMAR long-range cruise missile system was designed by the experts of the Department of Defense Aerospace Industries. The design and construction of this weapon, based on sophisticated and modern technologies in the areas of navigation, forward planning and construction, is a great step in enhancing the defense and deterrence capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Defense Minister said the mass delivery of long-range ballistic missiles and uprisings The aerospace force of the IRGC announced. He said that these missiles have the ability to destroy a wide range of targets, and given the high tactic capabilities, long-lasting battlefield and radarization capabilities can eliminate the goals in any circumstances.

He said that all of these missiles were designed and constructed by the efforts of well-trained and efficient Aerospace Industries Organization, adding: "Undoubtedly, these important achievements resulting from the research, innovation, development and production approach based on the need for armed forces As well as empowering the armed forces, is an effective step to increase its defense and effective deterrence.

According to Dehqan, Iran's "reason and rationale" adds to day-to-day defenses to provide national security and defense of its national resources. "No one is allowed in this direction. I thank the defense of the efforts and management of the jihad of the children of Rashid, the nation of the air." In the various industries of the Ministry of Defense, in particular the Aerospace Industry Department of the ministry, he congratulated these great achievements on the Supreme Command, the Armed Forces and the Noble Peoples of Iran.

The Babiyan said that the Somar land cruise missile had different characteristics from In terms of range and accuracy, he added: "The commander of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force said during the ceremony that the delivery of these missiles would be carried out naturally throughout the year several times, but the mass delivery of long-range ground-based missiles and magnitude uprisings, and the Sommar land-based cruise missile, sent a joint message from the IRGC and the Department of Defense to friends and it is the enemies that these large-scale actions are being taken by the powerful Iranian experts in light of the same bombing sanctions, which indicates that these sanctions have no effect on the defense process of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Sardar Hajizadeh added: "We are concerned with the defense And ballistic missiles we do not negotiate with anyone..."

Major-General Firoozabadi, the head of the Armed Forces headquarters said: "The military model of the West is false and dangerous." Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, head of the armed forces, at the conference "Scientific Explanation of the Desirable Command from the Commander-in-Chief" from the Commander-in-Chief of the Imam Ali (AS), added: "Non-Westernization is an important word for 10 years of Imam and 25 years of the Supreme Leader The leadership emphasized it, but academic pamphlets and the thoughts of some professors are still Western.

He acknowledged virtuousness, intelligence and capability as three components of desirable command, and emphasized: unit's performance requires strong command and control. Also, Amir Ahmad Reza Purdastan, commander of the Army, said on the sidelines of the conference: "Iraq is considered the strategic depth of the Islamic Republic of Iran." Today, the Iraqi Army is a strong army, with its ground forces and its air force highly capable, so there is no need for foreign troops. The commander of the Army, arguing that Iran provides relief to Iraq, said about the pattern of command : "We must take a pattern taken from Islam and doctrine It is our goal to use the measures taken by the Supreme Commander in this regard".

It should be noted that the missile was produced on the basis of Russian KH55 cruise missile, which ha a range of about 3000 kilometers. But given the probability that the turbofan engine can not be produced in Iran and the use of a turbojet engine in an Iranian sample with more fuel consumption, it is likely that the range of the Iranian sample is between 1800 and 2000 kilometers, not as large as the Russian model. However, the production of a cruise missile with a range above 1000 km in the Iranian missile industry in the production of powerful cruise missiles and a long range is a great jump.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) denied a report that Yemen's Houthi rebels fired a cruise missile towards its airspace. The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) said in a statement on 03 December 2017 that "the UAE's air defence system is capable of dealing with any threats". Authorities in the UAE told residents "not to pay attention to such rumours disseminated by media agencies issuing false news that question the UAE's capabilities, strength and security".

Houthi rebels, who control vast swaths of Yemeni territory, said they had launched a cruise missile towards a nuclear plant in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. According to a report in the Houthi-run Saba news agency, the missile hit the Barakah nuclear power station, which is under construction. A website for the Houthi-owned television network al-Masirah also reported the attack. "The missile force announces the launching of a winged cruise missile ... towards al-Barakah nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi," said a statement posted on both websites.

The Yemeni Houthi claimed it launched a 1600-kilometer cruise missile at the UAE's Barakah nuclear facility, which hit the target. The Saudi-backed media outlets claimed that the missile was probably the Iranian cruiser missile of Sumar. The missile popular committees of the country have targeted the atomic plant Barakah in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on 03 December 2017, according to Tabnak. According to the television channel, a winged cruise missile was been fired at the Abu Dhabi-based Barakah atomic plant.

Ansarallah affiliate of Yemeni military deputy Aziz Rasheed said the attacks on Yemen's military forces were "legal and legitimate" and said the attacks were in defense of Yemen against the continuing hostility of the Saudi coalition. He described the cruise missile as "a purely Yemeni achievement" and stated: "The Yemeni army has the power to produce such missiles ... The firing of the missile is based on a new military intelligence, with a total 1,600 km range".

According to a pro-Saudi media, the missile seen in the Houthi video is similar to the Somar cruise missile built in Iran. Images of the remnants of the missile include what is evidently the un-exploded warhead [the cylinder has pre-formed fragments] and inscriptions in Farsi.

The Sourmar cruise missile dubbed “Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis” with a range of 1,000 kilometers was displayed 20 August 2020. State TV said officials unveiled the two new missiles on National Defence Industry Day in Iran. "The surface-to-surface missile, called martyr Qassem Soleimani, has a range of 1,400 km and the cruise missile, called martyr Abu Mahdi, has a range of over 1,000 km," Defence Minister Amir Hatami said in a televised speech. Pictures of the missiles were shown on state TV, which it said was "the newest Iranian cruise missile that will further strengthen Iran's deterrence power." Soleimani, head of Iran's elite Quds Force, and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al Muhandis were killed in January in a US strike on their convoy in Baghdad airport.

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