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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Meysami Research Center

Meysami Research Center (MRC) is located 27 kilometers along the Karaj Special road outside Karaj. Construction began in 1985, with the goal of establishing a research complex in order to support scientific and technical development in both the country's chemical industries, but also in chemical warfare defenses.

The first phase of the development of the site was completed when the facilities were finished and equipped for synthesis and analysis of chemicals, and with the arrival of the first specialized personnel in 1987. The number of personnel continued to expand from that point forward, expanding the capacity of the facility to deal with its intended research. As it expanded, additional and more advanced equipment was also procured.

The second phase of development was completed in 1992 was the physical expansion of the facility to include test and research laboratories. An group of experts was also recruited to develop further research plans for the facility.

The MRC's principal activities was the development and production of chemical agent detectors and chemicals. The ND1 detector was designed and produced for military customers, and would provide information and warnings about chemical agents in the user's enviornment. The device could be programmed to provide the detection and subsequent warnings automatically, or manually. Also produced at the MRC was Guard 1400, a non-lethal personal defense aerosol, using Oleo capsicum resin (OC), often referred to as pepper spray.

Other Products included various chemicals (such as Tiophosphoril chloride) and related services (laboratory services, industrial research projects, and engineering design services). Producing phosphorous and its derivatives plays an important role in the present world, because of large quantities of phosphate rock and its comprehensive usage in many kinds of industries. MRC Maham indutries was the only producer of white phosphorous and its derivatives in Iran, the process having been exploited to produce a bulk product by the Maham Parchin engineers under the observation of foreign experts. Maham Parchin Industries capacity for producing phosphorous products covered the whole needs of the country for food grade phosphorous acid, red phosphorous, ferro phosphorous and phosphorous alloys. Producing Phosphotous products at Maham Parchin Industries caused other related industries to expand and created vast job opportunities beside economizing a considerable foreign exchange in the country. All Phosphorous products produced by Maham Parchin Industries were said to be competitive and comparable with the same from other countries and they were presented to the international market after various testing and quality confirmation by experienced experts.

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