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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Bharat Dynamics Limited [BDL]
Defence Research Complex
Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad

    Kanchan Bagh Post, Hyderabad 500 058 
    Tel   +91 40 4440712
    Fax   +91 40 4440660

Design, Engineering & Electronic Centre for Bharat Dynamics LimitedBharat Dynamics Limited [BDL] was formed by the Ministry of Defence in 1970 for the production of guided missiles and allied defence equipment. It has two units at Kanchanbagh and Bhanur [Bhanoor], with corporate offices at Hyderabad.

Bharat Dynamics is the prime production agency for missile weaponry systems under the Integrated Guided Missile Programme, including the Prithvi, Trishul, Akash and Nag missiles. Bharat Dynamics, along with the Indian Army and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., it is manufacturing the Prithvi missile. The Prithvi missiles produced so far are reported to be stored in Hyderabad by Bharat Dynamics. Bharat Dynamics can reportedly manufacture the Prithvi for $500,000 [Rs.35 million] apiece.

The first generation Anti-tank Guided Missile SS11B1 was made during the seventies under licence agreement with Aerospatiale, France. The company now produces the second generation anti-tank guided missile Milan under licence from Euromissile, France and the Konkurs with Russian know-how. The in-house research and development activities have brought out cost-effective FLAME Launcher, Simulators, Field Level Testers for ATGMs, Air Target Imitator for LLADS, JATO Booster and Retrofit for operation of Konkurs from BMP-1 APC. A Night Vision Equipment for ATGM has been jointly developed in collaboration with ELOP of Israel. To support in-house D&E efforts, the company has a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM Centre.

The company utilising the spare capacity available has diversified into small arms production to meet the requirement of para-military forces of the country. BDL, which had earlier diversified its activities in a number of Naval projects, now proposes to take up manufacture of 7.62 mm self-loading rifles (SLRs) and 9 mm pistols.

Satellite Imagery of the Bharat Dynamics Limited [BDL]


Possible Explosives Storage Area

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