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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

BO5 / K-15 / Sagarika / Shourya

This missile, whose name has been variously given as Sagarika or at times K-15 or even Dhanush, has finally been christened as BO5 - a medium-range ballistic missile. While published reports are generally consistent about the characteristics and chronology of this system, there was for a long time general disagreement on one fundamental point, whether the missile is a ballistic missile or a cruise missile. The reported physical dimensions of the missile seemed to support the reporting that it is a cruise missile. Sagarika appeared to be the designation of the sea-based version of the missile which is designated Shourya when deployed on a land-based Transporter Erector Launcher. The K-15 launch sile is well attested, and appeared to be intended for the Advanced Tehnology Vessel nuclear submarine. It is, however, far too large for the Sagarika missile. It is reasonable to believe that this launcher would initially be employed with 3 BO5 - a medium-range ballistic missile in each tube, which could subsequently be back-fitted with a single Agni-III ballistic missile.

After a smooth countdown on January 28, 2013, India's missile, named BO5, emerged effortlessly breaking the balmy waters of the Bay of Bengal. The missile was launched from an approximate depth of about 50 metres, simulating exactly the conditions as would prevail during an operational launch from India's indigenously made nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant. This was the fourteenth consecutively successful launch of this potent weapons system. This was the last of the ‘development launches’ and now the entire weapons system was ready to be integrated with the Indian Submarines, according to A.K Chakrabarty (the man who designed and gave perfection to the naval missile system, and also serves as the director of the Defence Research and Development Laboratory , Hyderabad).

DRDO chief Avinash Chander, the head of the DRDO defence research agency, said said 07 February 2014 that sea trials of the indigenously built nuclear submarine INS Arihant would begin in the next "one or two months" and the under-water missile BO-5, which have a range of around 700 km, would be fired from it during that process.

BO5 SLBM January 28, 2013 BO5 SLBM January 28, 2013 BO5 SLBM January 28, 2013

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