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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Base de Cazaux
BA120 Base Aérienne 120
(l'école de transition opérationnelle)

The 50 Mirage IV-A ordered in March 1959 were all finally delivered between 1964 and 1966. They were dispersed on nine air bases, organized into three mixed squadrons of bombardment, composed each of three squadrons of bombardment and a squadron for in-flight refueling under the Strategic Air Command.

On 01 December 1964, the l'Escadron de bombardement [bombardment squadron] EB 2/91 Bretagne was formed at Cazaux AB. On 01 April 1965 the first Mirage IV A arrived at the squadron. Since its creation within the strategic air Forces, the E.B 02/091 " Brittany ", was integrated in the overall plan of the deterrent power. On 01 May 1986 the Mirage IV A was replaced by the Mirage IV P. The squadron converted to the Mirage IVP equiped with the ASMP missile on 31 December 1986 [the second of three squadrons to make the conversion]. In June 1996 the Mirage IVP were retired from nuclear duties.

On 01 August 1996, the Squadron of in-flight refueling 01/093 " Aunis " and the Squadron of instruction of in-flight refueling 03/093 " Moors " were also dissolved, and their aircraft gathered into a single squadron, the Squadron of in-flight refueling (E.R.V) 00/093.

In the training of the fighter pilots of the Air Force, the training course of operational transition occupies a particular place: the final stage of the progression makes it possible for the trainees to complete the basic notions of the piloting before the arrival in the squadrons of combat. This mission was entrusted to the school of operational transition at Cazaux, which profits from the proximity of zones for air-to-ground firing, and the zone field of fire of air-to-air training. In 6 months and after 72 hours of flight on Alphajet, the young pilot will have developed essential qualities with very pilot of combat: spirit of decision, feel responsibilities, combativeness, precision and self-control, which only make it possible to obtain the output maximumde any system of weapons.

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