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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Type 092 Xia Class


Displacement6,500 tons (dived) [6500-8000 ton]
Length121.1 meters / 393.6 ft
Beam10 meters / 33 ft
Draft26.2 ft
Speed22 kts (dived)
PropulsionNuclear turbo-electric
1 x PWR
90 MW / 14,400 shp
1 x shaft
Missiles12 JL-2 2-stage solid fuel inertial guidance to 4,320 nm warhead 3 or 4 MIRV nuclear 90 kT or single nuclear 250 kT
Torpedoes6 - 21 in (533 mm) bow tubes SET-65E active/passive homing to 8.1 nm at 40 kts
ESMType 921-A radar warning
RadarsSnoop Tray I-Band Surface Search
SonarsTrout Cheek hull mounted active/passive search and attack

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