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Shantou electron technical research institute
Shantou Institute of Electronic Technology Equipment

The Shantou electron technical research institute was established to November 16th, 1986. Is the Chinese spatial technology research institute in the Guangdong Province Shantou special economic zone establishment first research institute. Mainly is engaged in the communication facility, the computer, the satellite ground receiving equipment, the electronic primary device development and the development, from produces the product the exportation and the production needs the equipment, the material import and the technical consultation. Developed the microwave distance gauge, the satellite television reception equipment and the automobile non- electronic contact distributor and so on 10 items of 20 many kinds of products.

This is the Chinese spatial technology research institute exports the new product in the Shantou special economic zone for the introduction advanced technical equip and to outside " the window ", hopes to travel together with the domestic and foreign broad scientific workers, in the electronic scientific instrument, the correspondence navigation equipment, the automatic control equipment, the computer, the domestic electric appliances as well as other electrons, the mechanical product aspect carries on the technical cooperation, the product production. And carries on the technical consultation technology service for the big-scale work design installment.

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