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Shandong astronautics electron technical research institute
Shandong Institute of Aerospace Electronics

The Shandong astronautics electron technical research institute was established in 1987, was the Chinese spatial technology research institute is engaged in the observation and control technology research the specialized research institute. Mainly is engaged in the satellite communication, the radio telemetry, the computer application, the automatic control, the machine design and the craft and so on the specialized technical research and the development, gets down supposes eight laboratories and two workshops, established the goods for civilian use main corporation and three produces entity unit and so on the main corporation, had a more abundant development produces and manages the development ability. For many years, this has developed produces on the health star and the ground telemetering track receiving apparatus. Data management system and heat control system equipment and so on more than 200 wraps. Has 61 item of products separately wins the national science and technology progress prize and so on, at the same time also vigorously developed the satellite ground hydrology data gathering system, the microwave automatic track positioning system, the fire protection reports to the police the control system and the CMV project and so on, made the important contribution for our country astronautics enterprise development and the national economy construction.

This is situated at the Chinese coast opens city - Yantai, the environment is superior, the water, the land, the spatial traffic is convenient, the information is quick. Welcome the domestic and foreign public figures and the unit concerned comes to discuss the economical technical cooperation item, together prospers the socialism market economy and the development science and technology enterprise.

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