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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Amrom Katz said, “We have never found anything that the Soviets have successfully hidden”.

Missile Facilities
PLA Rocket Force

Underground Great Wall

Missile Facilities - 2005

Missile Facilities - 2013

There is an almost complete disconnect between the facility placenames initially attributed to Second Artillery Corps Brigade operating locations and the placenames more recently attributed to PLA Rocket Force brigades. Just to make things interesting, the PLARF brigades have been re-numbered from the 2nd Artillery Corps Brigades. Some effort would be required to complete the walk-across from the old to the new dispensation.

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  • Alxa ZuoqiBrigade 38°49'14.8"N 105°36'14.4"EDF-26
    Xinyan666 Brigade32Ί10'4.99"N 114Ί7'34.12"EDF-26
    Jilantai training 39.8935ΊN 105.5914ΊEDF-26
    Fangshan factory39Ί47'21.75"N116Ί 9'28.38"EDF-26
    Qingyuan 624 Brigade23Ί40'59.01"N 113Ί10'36"EDF-26
    Dengshahe654 Brigade39Ί14'12.42"N122Ί 2'37.91"EDF-26
    Korla646 Brigade DF-26
    Jinhua Brigade DF-26
    Qingzhouintraining 36.6011ΊN 118.4818ΊEDF-26
    Luoyang (54 Base) 34°32’41.89”N 112°08’55.39”E DF-5A
    Lushi (801 Brigade)
    801-1 Silo Launchers 34°12’00.15”N 111° 0’29.04”E DF-5A
    802-2 Silo Launchers 33°55’47.50”N 111° 2’36.11”E DF-5A
    Luoning (804 Brigade)
    804-1 Silo Launchers34°17’5.93”N 111°37’36.39”E DF-5A
    Luoyang (54 Base) 34°32’41.89”N 112°8’55.39”EMaintenance
    Huaihua (55 Base) 27°32’10.16”N 109°59’10.89”E
    Jingzhou (803 Brigade)
    803-1 Silo Launchers 26°25’51.62”N 109°27’42.13”E DF-5A
    803-2 Silo Launchers 26°26’24.93”N 109°33’47.48”E DF-5A
    803-3 Silo Launchers 26°33’41.49”N 109°50’41.36”E DF-5A
    Huitong (814 Brigade)
    814-1 Silo Launchers26°56’52.79”N 109°42’37.21”E DF-5A
    Huaihua (55 Base) 27°32’10.16”N 109°59’10.89”E Maintenance
    Kunming (53 Base Mobile) 24°59’41.68”N 102°50’5.73”E
    Yuxi622 Brigade 24°21’41.61”N 102°29’40.51”E DF-31/A
    Kunming (53 Base Mobile) 24°59’41.68”N 102°50’5.73”EMaintenance
    Luoyang (54 Base Mobile) 34°32’38.81”N 112°8’52.40”E
    Xixia813 Brigade ? 33°17’36.87”N 111°52’50.50”E DF-31/A
    Luoyang (54 Base Mobile)34°32’38.81”N 112°8’52.40”EMaintenance
    Huaihua (55 Base Mobile) 27°32’10.51”N 109°59’4.66”E DF-31
    Shaoyang (805 Brigade) 27°15’13.26”N 111°23’14.38”E DF-31
    Huaihua (55 Base Mobile) 27°32’10.51”N 109°59’4.66”Maintenance
    Xining (56 Base Mobile) 36°39’39.43”N 101°41’3.84”E
    or 36°35’59.67”N101°47’14.17”E DF-31/A
    Tianshui (812 Brigade Mobile) 34°31’48.14”N 105°54’35.23”E DF-31A
    Delingha 812 Brigade? 37°21’36.21”N 97°21’42.98”E DF-31A
    Haiyan 56 Base Training 36°49’30.86”N, 101°6’13.29”E DF-31A
    Xining 56 Base Mobile 36°37’39.41”N 101°44’57.48”EMaintenance
    Hami U/I Brigade ° ’ ”N ° ’ ”E DF-41
    Hanggin Banner U/I Brigade ° ’ ”N ° ’ ”E DF-41
    Yumen U/I Brigade ° ’ ”N ° ’ ”E DF-41
    DF-31A Production Facilities
    Chengdu Sichuan Aerospace 30°33’34.12”N 104°15’19.84”E
    Nanyuan 221th Factory 39°47’56.17”N 116°24’4.76”E
    Northern BeijingU/I Factory 40°18’28.57”N 116°31’20.21”E
    Wanshan Special Vehicle Factory 30°55’44.20”N 113°56’6.70”E

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