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Lanzhou space institute of physics
Lanzhou Institute of Physics

The Lanzhou space institute of physics was on April 1, 1968 turns over to the China spatial technology research institute by the Chinese Academy of Science accent to be organic, was the China spatial technology research institute is engaged in vacuum and the low temperature technology and the project, the spatial micro gravity technology, the project electronic technology, technical, domain work the and so on titanium alloy vessel manufacture technology specialized research institute. This has completed an entire set from the perfect vacuum to the limit perfect vacuum scope vacuum low temperature laboratory, is equipped with the national low temperature vessel quality examination center, the vacuum low temperature technology and the physical national defense science and technology key laboratory. In domain and so on 101 11Pa extremely perfect vacuum technology achieves the international advanced level. Has the large-scale vacuum electron-beam welding, the coating, the fine processing, the electronic exposure, vacuum development experiment or the production processing ability and so on mechanical friction lubrication, radiation refrigeration, low temperature nature test, vacuum surface physics, material vacuum nature, ion rocket. Developed each kind of space environment simulation equipment 20, the satellite embarkation micro gravity test installment successfully has carried on the crystal growth and the material processing experiment many times. In 1995 set up electronic, the ion and the vacuum physics specialized post-doctorate mobile station. In the goods for civilian use development aspect, has developed the reduced fleon amount used foaming technology and without the fluorine foaming technology, the vacuum ion coating equipment and so on has the characteristic the civil product.

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