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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Under the Sino-Soviet agreement on cooperation in the period of 1957-1962, the Soviet Union transferred training and combat models, licenses and technical documentation for the production of R-1 (SS-1) and R-2 (SS-2) ground-based operational-tactical ballistic missiles and R-11F sea-launched ballistic missiles. Which rockets the USSR shipped to China prior to thebreak in 1960 is unclear, but they probably included the SS-2 Siblings. The SS-2 was essentially a modified version of the German V-2 rocket, using a single RD-101 engine that burned liquid oxygen and alcohol. The first DF-1 launch took place on 5 November 1960 from the Jiuquan base. Deployment of the conventionally armed DF-1 ballistic missile, the domestically produced Chinese version of the SS-2, occurred in the 1960s.

The missile was 17.7m in length, 1.65m in diameter, had a takeoff weight of 20.5 tons,a range of 590km, and had a thrust of 37 tons. The control system was a mixed guidance type using inertial guidance and radio transverse deviation correction.

In 1958, the Fifth Research Academy began to duplicate the Soviet R-2(SS-2) with the assistance of Soviet advisors. However, duplicate production of the SS-2 missile was adversely affected by the politics of the Great Leap Forward. The development program was hampered by problems regarding the technology, personnel, and material associated with the duplicate production of the SS-2. As a solution, many aspects of the missile were imported, substituted, and domestically developed.

Successful test launching of three duplicate SS-2s was carried out in November and December of 1960.


ContractorChinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology - CALT
OperatorSecond Artillery Corps
ConfigurationSingle Stage
Length [meters] 17.7m
Diameter [meters] 1.65m
Mass [kilograms] 20.5 tons
First Flight19
Range (km) 590km
Re-entry Vehicle Mass (kg)
Warhead conventional
CEP (meters)

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