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Beijing Satellite Factory
Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory

The Beijing satellite factory was on February 27, 1968 turned over to the China spatial technology research institute by the Chinese Academy of Science Beijing scientific instrument factory accent to be organic, was mainly undertakes the orbiting vehicle and each kind of spacecraft structure development production, general equipment department, test and on the partial stars the product and the above-ground equipment development production, and participated in the launch duty the national key major industry. Leaves the plant from the East Is Red 1 satellite, successively the general equipment department left the plant each kind of science satellite and so on experiment health, correspondence broadcast, to place remote sensing, resource prospecting. In 1991 is evaluated the national two levels of enterprises. Under the enterprise supposes five specialized technical laboratories, seven productions assembly shop and the condition fine satellite general equipment department workshop and sets up management development goods for civilian use the main corporation -- Beijing star to reach the technical development company.

Enterprise main special technology includes

  • Precise processing and numerical control processing technology
  • The large-scale thin wall structural element ultra models takes shape/the proliferation connection technology
  • The integration of machinery design and the electron install continually the technology
  • Magnesium alloy casting and aluminum alloy ultra black surface treatment technology
  • The heat controls the coating and the examination technology
  • Compound material structural element manufacture technology
  • The compound material machine-finishing and not damages the examination technology
  • Computer application and CAD/CAM technology and so on.

The Beijing satellite factory its goods for civilian use main product includes:

  • micro liquid metering pump series product
  • Laboratory reactor series product
  • HPLC highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer
  • Core slice unit
  • Laboratory mixer series product
  • Modern laboratory physics and chemistry laboratory bench, well ventilated cabinet series product
  • Precision instrument fitting, valve series product
  • Joy Star Brand computer series product

Many item of products have the honor to receive the national level, the level technology advancement and the technical achievement prize, has played the huge role for the impetus petroleum chemical industry profession advance in technology.

The Beijing satellite general equipment department factory constantly will put the product quality and the prestige on the first place, follows GB/T1900-1994 which the war industry enterprise will pass (idt ISO9001: 1,994) and GB/T19002-1994 (idt ISO9002: 1,994) the quality system standard, positively advances the war industry technology to the civil transformation, and is willing in the equality and mutual benefit foundation widely to exchange with the from all walks of life friend, wholeheartedly cooperates, the development is enterprising.

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