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The Beijing East measures the test research institute
Beijing Orient Institute of Measurement

The Beijing East measured the test research institute to be established May 23, 1985, was the China spatial technology research institute is engaged in the electricity measurement and the standard development, the radio measurement and the standard development, the length measurement technical foundational measurement test research unit.

This institute has developed the electromagnetism parameter, the radio parameter, measurement test the and so on length parameter method and the instrumentation equipment scientific research work. Is the national defense science and industry committee electricity measures level of stations, in 1995 is decided as the Beijing national defense region measurement to stand 1012 to calibrate the laboratory. Research institute's service service project includes.

Electrician technical service: Carries on the high accuracy electrician instrument, the electric appliance product experiment and the appraisal, as well as concerned electrician technology consultation, project survey duty and electrical measurement project. Temporal frequency, radio technical service: Carries on the high accuracy the time survey, the calibration as well as the frequency meter, the crystal oscillator test; Carries on the gaging instrument the calibration and the appraisal, sues for damages the experiment with the overseas precision instrument. Line grain, end, angle, plane, smooth finish, measuring instrument quantity meter precision measurement and measurement examination and so on.

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