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Beijing space science and technology information research institute
Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information

The Beijing space science and technology information research institute had been established November 22, 1984, is the China spatial technology research institute's space scientific and technical information, the science and technology file, the spacecraft standardization research, the administrative unit, is our country very influential astronautics scientific and technical information development facility. Is equipped with the China spatial technology research institute archives, the library and the sound image center, development spatial technology work and so on developmental strategy research and edition publication.

From constructs therefore comes, in the higher authority leadership and under institution's instruction and the support, in under each brother unit's assistance, the party committee, leads leads entire comrade, closely revolves the scientific research to produce this center, develops "difficultly starts an undertaking, the development is enterprising" the spirit, realistically has formulated "the young giant" the developmental strategy, and through unceasingly consummates manages, the deepened reform, comprehensively impels the development which the entire armed force, the goods for civilian use and three produces.

All has the staff 200 people, researcher 4 people, high-level technical personnel 40 people, intermediate technical personnel 70 people. Is equipped with five laboratories, the hall, a goods for civilian use main corporation, three produces the work service company, a printing shop and two chinese-foreign joint venture companies. Initially forms the military goods, the goods for civilian use and three produces the relatively stable three troops.

In recent years, this close coordinate scientific research production task, positively did each kind of foundation technical service work, has obtained the very big result. Some achievement wins the advance in technology first award, some eight achievements win the advance in technology second prize, some 11 achievements win the advance in technology third prize. As "application satellite and satellite application intelligence network" net long unit, inside and outside organization department nearly hundred satellites developments administrative unit and satellite application department, development satellite demand analysis and satellite application information exchange.

This therefore its widespread relation, the splendid work and the warm service, receive very many departments and unit's value and the high praise, has become domestically has the certain influence the technical information research institute. At present, entire positively carries forward "the unity, strives for realism, the service, the innovation" the enterprise spirit, diligently raises a political quality well, the vocational level is high, has the offer spirit the staff troop, the implementation "the limited objective, the key breakthrough, the surmounting development, has an achievement" "the young giant" the developmental strategy, for soon achieved the Asian first-class science and technology information consultant service research institute struggles.

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