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Beijing Institute of Space Machinery and Electronics (BISME)

The Beijing Institute of Space Machinery and Electronics (BISME), located adjacent to 1st Academy facilities in Nanyuan, it engaged in R&D of remote sensing and recoverable vehicle technology. It is responsible for the development of sounding rockets, space remote sensing systems and recovery technology. With strong professional personnel and fine facilities. In the past 35 years, BISME has made contributions in sounding rockets, space recovery, space remote sensing, manufacturing of composite material structures and civilian products.

The Beijing space mechanical and electrical research institute had been established to August 21st, 1958, is our country most early is engaged in one spatial technology research unit. International astronavigation academy of science academician south the poplar lived with Chinese Academy of Science academician Wang Xi Ji, Chinese project courtyard academician Linhua is valuable all once holds the post of the research institute leadership work. Renowned optics expert academician presently holds the post of research institute high-level technology consultant. The research institute collection research, the design, the experiment and the trial manufacturing to one body, has the spacecraft recycling, the optics remote sensing, the compound material structure, installs four technical colleges industry, the technology is well-equipped, the scientific research strength is abundant. For 40 years, the research institute yields more than 200 important scientific researches results in and the above four technical colleges industry technology domain, two items obtain the national science and technology progress the top grade prize.

The research institute is our country only is engaged in the spacecraft recycling technology development the unit, returns to the type satellite the recycling success ratio maintains 100%, occupies the world advanced level. In the astronautics optics remote sensing technology territory of research, the research institute successfully grinds generates several generation of many kinds of models the visible light satellite camera systems, photographs the picture image is clear, the resolution was high, the information is rich, the usability national economy, scientific research and the national defense construction domain and so on is strong, already widely uses in. The research institute is developing uses in to survey the land, the marine resource and the environment new astronautics remote sensing. The research institute or our country most early carries out the compound material structure development the unit, its development compound material widely applies to our country each kind of spacecraft structure and the solar cell windsurfboard manufacture. The research institute develops the installment in in the payment flight experiment massive installments, does not have one example expiration.

This utilized the astronautics technology develops the a series of high-tech civil product. Among them, the national monopoly product atomization advances the cooling tower is included the national level 96 starwars plan promotions item, the soft nature bulletproof clothing listed in 1997 the national key new product, and won the Beijing outstanding science and technology product award.

Rigorous, is practical, the development, is enterprising is research institute's traditional attitude. In order to cause our country space enterprise to step the new stair, will inherit, bravely will climb the peak, stands the new meritorious again, creates the merit industry again.

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