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Beijing satellite environment project research institute
Beijing Institute of Satellite Environmental Engineering

The Beijing satellite environment project research institute had been established August 16, 1968, is the China spatial technology research institute is engaged in the spatial flight vehicle space environment and mechanics environment as well as the reliability test, the spatial flight vehicle environment simulation equipment and the environmental testing method research, the spatial flight vehicle uses the electronic primary device quality guarantee as well as the small general equipment department test specialized research institute. Has: Home most greatly most advanced large-scale space environment simulation equipment KM3, KM4 and the series necessary middle and small scale hot vacuum tank, does not have the oil ultra vacuum equipment, is developing diameter 12m, highly the 22m KM6 space environment simulation equipment, but also some 4 ~ 160KN thrust force series electrically operated 200KN thrust force hydraulic pressure, acoustics test equipment, explosive separation test equipment, small, medium and large-scale centrifuge, attacks the test platform. Have carried on the vibration, the noise for each kind of satellite spare part and the entire star, and so on dynamics experiment. Can carry on the entire star heat control and the hot vacuum experiment for each kind of satellite.

In 1986 set up the spacecraft to use the electronic primary device reliable center.

In the civil product, has developed multi- arcs sputtering ion prop product and so on coating equipment, polyurethane heat preservation project and cold storage design.

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