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Beijing Institute of Control Engineering (BICE)

The Beijing Institute of Control Engineering (BICE) undertakes research related to spacecraft control engineering. Spacecraft thrusters are built by the Institute. BICE has made progress in transferring spacecraft technologies for use in other areas of national economy in areas of control systems, computer applications, and precision optical instruments. BICE established Control Technology Development Corporation in the Beijing New Technology Development Zone and formed a civilian product development team composed of branches of technolgy, manufacture and trade.

The Beijing control engineering research institute was on February 27th, 1968 turns over to the Chinese spatial technology research institute by the Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Automation accent to be organic, was the Chinese spatial technology research institute space flight vehicle posture, the system as well as the part development unit.

This institute mainly is engaged in the spatial flight vehicle posture and the system and its the part design and the development presently is equipped with the control system system design, the computer application, the optics posture is sensitive, blows out air laboratory and the machine-finishing, the optics components processing, the electrical finishing, the light display and the special craft workshop and so on propulsion system, electromechanical device development, inertia part, system simulation, reliability, control theory and spatial robot. The existing staff more than 1400 people, high-level researcher more than 300 people, the intermediate researcher more than 400 people, still had one batch of light mechanical and electrical and the electronic processing senior technical worker. This in reads master and doctor the graduate student has 50 extra people, is the national authorization first batch has one doctor, master's degree specialized authorization unit, and established doctor after the national authorization the mobile station. This has the abundant technical strength, complete specialty necessary, has launched in our country in the satellite, its control system and its the part major part is this develops the production.

In the civil product development aspect, this devotes to applies the spatial high-tech achievement promotion to the national economy other domains, grinds generates the nearly hundred kind of products, has more than 10 item of products has become the prop unmatchable product. STD main line industry control machine and the railroad infrared detection system is evaluated the Beijing new technology development zone the unmatchable product. In 1988 this organized Beijing Kang in the Beijing new technology development pilot area develops the technical development company, formed the goods for civilian use development troop which one mechanic trade unified, in aspect and so on automatic control, computer application, precision optical instrument, special craft processing has obtained the tangible effect, already developed into one development zone backbone enterprise. The Beijing control engineering research institute has attained the national invention prize 3 items since 1979, national science and technology progress prize 7 items, national scientific congress prize 10 items with city, national defense science committee science and technology progress achievement 226 items. At present this institute for is developing the new generation of astronautics product and develops the domestic and foreign markets urgent need is suitable for sale the high-tech product tries hard.

This institute and Europe, USA, Japan, Brazil and so on ten extra countries and the area established the relation, carried out the technical cooperation and the technological exchange, together promoted the science and technology progress and the economy is prosperous.

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