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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraq Survey Group Final Report


Regime Finance and Procurement
Annex L


Procurement Acronyms

Acronym   Meaning
ABS   Scientific Bureau for Drug Information and Medical Appliances
AEST   Albostangy Equipment Services and Trade
AP   ammonium perchlorate
ARADET   Arab Company for Detergent Chemicals
ARC   Arabian Russian Company of Jordan
ARI   acute respiratory infections
ASB   Arabic Scientific Bureau
ATGM   anti-tank guided missile
AWACS   airborne warning and control systems
AZ-11   a type of liquid rocket propellant, composed of 2 components (DETA and UDMH), according to captured documents
bbl/d   barrels per day
BCP   Border Control Checkpoints
BME   Belmetalenergo
BOP   Balance of Payments
BW   Biological Weapons
CA   Commercial Attaché
CAEC   Abrasive Import and Export Corporation
CBI   Central Bank of Iraq
CBJ   Central Bank of Jordan
CBS   Central Bank of Syria
CBW   Chemical and biological weapons
CCD   Charge coupled device
CGMS   Control and Guidance Missile System
CIA   Central Intelligence Agency
CNC   Computer numeric controlled machines or devices
CoM   Council of Ministers
CoS   Chief of Staff
CPA   Coalition Provision Authority
CPMIEC   China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation
CPU   Central Processing Unit
CW   Chemical weapons
DETA   diethylenetriamine: one of the two components of AZ-11, a type of liquid rocket propellant
DGMI   Directorate of General Military Intelligence
DGS   Directorate of General Security
DIA   Defense Intelligence Agency
Diwan   The Presidential Office
DMI   Directorate of Military Intelligence
DOCEX   Document Exploitation
DPRK   Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
EAC   Economic Affairs Committee
ECCM   Electronic Counter-Countermeasure
ECM   Electro-chemical machining
EGC   Electric-Gaz-Com
EMIS   Electromagnetic Isotope Separation
EP   Entry Points
ETGC   External Technology General Corporation
EUC   end-user certificates
EW   Electronic Warfare
FAO   Food and Agriculture Organization
FCDC   Foreign Currency Disbursement Committee
FEAL   Food Examination and Analysis Lab
FRY   Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
GDP   Gross Domestic Product
GID   General Intelligence Directorate (Jordan)
GPS   Global Positioning System
GRL   Goods Review List
HDI   Human Development Index
HE   high explosive
HF   High Frequency
HSBC   Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
HUMINT   Human Intelligence
HVD   High-Value Detainee
IAEA   International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEC   Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission
IAF   Iraqi Armed Forces
ID   Iraqi Dinar
IFAT   A Swiss-based, Consen subsidiary established in August 1983
IID   International Industrial Development
IIS   Iraqi Intelligence Service
IIS M19   The primary IIS body handling procurement of specialized items. Redesignated as M4/8 in recent years, and also was known as the Technical Consultation Company or the Trade Office
IIS M23   MIC Security Directorate
IIS M4   Foreign Clandestine Operations branch of the Iraqi Intelligence Service or Directorate of Secret Service
IIS M4/8   Formerly the IIS M19, organized into three different sections, the internal section, the foreign section, and the trading section
IIS Section One   The internal section primarily responsible for creating front companies inside Iraq and facilitating trade with these companies to import/export oil, batteries, copper and food products
ILTC   Iraqi Land Transportation Company
IMF   International Monetary Fund
INOC   Iraq National Oil Company
ISG   Iraq Survey Group
ITU   International Telecommunication Union
JD   Joint Delegation
KGB   Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
KOMID   North Korea’s Korea Mining Development Corporation. Previously known as the External Technology General Corporation (ETGC)
LU   Launcher units
IIS M-5   The IIS Directorate of Counterintelligence or Counterespionage Directorate
MABOT   Mina al Bakr Offshore Terminal
MANPADS   Man portable Air Defense Systems
MFA   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MHESR   Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
MIC   Military Industrialization Commission
MoA   Ministry of Agriculture
MoD   Ministry of Defense
MoF   Ministry of Finance
MoH   Ministry of Health
MoI   Ministry of Industry
MoO   Ministry of Oil
MoT   Ministry of Trade
MoTC   Ministry of Transport and Communication
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
NORINCO   China North Industries Corporation
NSC   National Security Council
NVD   Night Vision Devices
NVG   Night Vision Goggles
OFF   United Nations Oil-for-Food program
OIF   Operation Iraqi Freedom
OIP   Office of the Iraq Program
OMI   Organization of Military Industrialization, synonymous with the MIC, the preferred usage
R&D   Research & Development
RCC   Revolutionary Command Council
RG   Republican Guard
RNA   Research and News Analyzing
RPG   Rocket Propelled Grenade
SAM   Surface-to-Air Missile
SDH   Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI   Samarra Drug Industries
SFOR   Stabilization Forces
SISMI   Italian Intelligence and Military Security Service
SOE   State-Owned Enterprises
SOMO   State Oil Marketing Organization
SRG   Special Republican Guard
SSM   Surface-to-Surface missiles
SSO   Special Security Organization
TAGCO   Trading and Agriculture General Company
TIS   Thermal imagery sight
TOSSCO   Technical Oilfield Services and Supply Company
TPAO   Turkish Petroleum Company
TPIC   Turkish Petroleum International Company, a TPAO subsidiary
TTC   Thermal tracking camera
UAE   United Arab Emirates
UAV   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UDMH   One of the two components of AZ-11, a liquid rocket propellant
UHF   Ultra -High Frequency
UN   United Nations
UNCC   United Nations Compensation Commission
UNDP   United Nations Development Program
UNESCO   United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNICEF   United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UNMOVIC   United Nations Monitoring Verification & Inspection Commission
UNOPS   United Nations Operations
UNSC   United Nations Security Council
UNSCOM   United Nations Special Commission
UNSCR   United Nations Security Council Resolution
UNSYG   UN Secretary General
UTL   United Telecommunications Limited
VHF   Very High Frequency
WFP   World Food Program
WHO   World Health Organization
WMD   Weapons of Mass Destruction


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