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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraq Survey Group Final Report


Regime Finance and Procurement
Annex K


Suspected Intermediary and Front Companies Associated With Iraq

The companies listed in this annex have been reported in the Intelligence Community as front companies involved with the former Iraqi Regime. Because there are different interpretations as to what makes a company a front as opposed to a trade intermediary or manufacturer, this list can be seen as an example of companies that were involved in supplying the Iraqi government with prohibited conventional weapons and dual-use materials. At least two of the MIC domestic manufacturing companies, Al-Nida and Al-Rashid, have been mistaken for front companies in prior reporting. However, these companies still used known front companies such as the MIC’s Al-Basha’ir and Syria’s SES as middlemen when procuring materials for production. Other companies that were manufacturers or trading companies may also have been mistaken as front companies.

Company Name   Location
Across Continents Trading Agency   Baghdad, Iraq
Adel Commercial Bureau   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Abidin Investment Company   UAE
Al-Ahliyah for Trading Agencies and Exports, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Ali Trading Co.  
Al-Amia (AKA Global) Company  
Al-Anmar Company   Amman, Jordan
Al-Basha’ir Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Bir Company for International Trade   Amman Jordan
Al-Dahma International Trading Establishment   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Dellah Travel and Tourism Company  
Al-Doha Trading Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Eman   Amman, Jordan
Al-Faris State Company, Ministry of Industry and Minerals   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Fattah Corporation   Amman, Jordan
Al-Fitra Trading Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Furat Rent-A-Car   UAE
Al-Ghery International Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Hamra Company   UAE
Al-Handal General Trading Company   Dubai, UAE
Al-Hashimy Trading Company   Baghdad
Al-Hikma Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Huda Export and Import EST   Jordan
Al-Husan   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Hussaini Company for Trading Agency   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Jawhara Al-Khaleejeya  
Al-Karamah State Establishment  
Al-Kawther Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Kibba Trading Agencies, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Maymana Trade Group   UAE
Al-Maeeny Engineering Bureau   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Mersal Commercial Agencies   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Mihrab Company   Amman, Jordan
Al-Mufakher   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Naizak Trading Establishment   UAE
Al-Najah Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Noras   Syria
Al-Rafed Bureau   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Rawa’a Trading Company   Iraq
Al-Riaya Trading Company   UAE
Al-Sabah International   Bangkok, Thailand
Al-Safoh Office General Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Said Group for Industry and International Trade   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Saiham Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Salam General Company  
Al-Salman Trading Company   Iraq
Al-Savivem Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Sidra Trading Co.   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Tuhfa Co. for General Trading, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Al-Wadhah Co for General Trade, Ltd.  
Al-Yisr Trading Company   UAE
Al-Zaghal Industrial Company   Amman, Jordan
Arabic Computer Systems Company   UAE
Arabic Scientific Bureau   Baghdad, Iraq.
ARMOS Trading Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Atera Manufacturing   Baghdad, Iraq
Daei International Trading Co., Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Dulaymi Company   Doha, Qatar
Elba   Jordan
Elite Scientific Co., Ltd.   Amman, Jordan
General Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
Ghadar Engineering and Contracting Co.   Amman, Jordan
Global Trade and Investment   Lebanon
Haraq General Trading   Mosul, Iraq
Hayar Trading Company   UAE
Hidhab Al-Reef Company for General Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
Hutten General Co.   Baghdad, Iraq
IBT Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
Inaya Company for Trade Agencies, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
International Company for Cleaners Production   Amman, Jordan
International Industrial Development (IID)   Baghdad, Iraq
Irad International Trading Company   UAE
Ishtar Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
Kadhum M. Al-Wakil & Shamsh Co., Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Khaled el-Wer of the Trading and Agriculture General
Company (TAGCO)
  Amman, Jordan
Khalid Al-Delaimi Co.   Baghdad, Iraq
Khalifa Bin Jassim Trading Co.   Dubai, UAE
LAMA   Syria
Limo Investments, Ltd   Baghdad, Iraq
Lootah General Trading Company  
Mamad Al-Azawi Engineering   Baghdad, Iraq
Mayamin Trading   Baghdad, Iraq
MEGA   Lebanon
Mesopotamia Trade Co., Ltd   Baghdad
Middle East Trading   Jordan
Millennium   Moscow, Russia
Murgam Trading Company   UAE
Nibal Electronics  
Nile Air Conditioning Company   UAE
Nurallah Company   Damascus, Syria
Orkid General Trading Co.   Baghdad, Iraq
Phoenix International Trading Company Of Lebanon   Beirut, Lebanon
Retired Officers Bureau (ROB)  
Sabah Al Faisal and Partners Co.   Amman, Jordan
Sajaya General Trade Company, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Samid Land and Maritime Shipping and Transportation
Sawfiya Brothers Company   UAE
SES International Corporation   Damascus, Syria
SIAM Premium Products   China
Tariq Al-Samlama   Baghdad, Iraq
The Abdulla Group  
The Hams Company for Business Engineering Services   Amman, Jordan
The Mesopotamia Company, Ltd.   Baghdad, Iraq
Tigres Trading Company   Baghdad, Iraq
Toros International Trading Co.   Baghdad, Iraq
Trans Dubai Company   Dubai, UAE
Ur Company   UAE
Upper Euphrates Company   UAE
Waliya Opel Indigas Company   UAE
Yasin & Middle East Scientific Group   Jordan
SFOR   Stabilization Forces


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