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Syrian Opposition Hands de Mistura Proposals to Relieve Humanitarian Situation

Sputnik News

21:16 26.02.2017(updated 21:30 26.02.2017)

The Moscow platform of Syrian opposition, which participates in the Geneva intra-Syrian reconciliation talks, has submitted to UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura a paper with proposals on how to relieve the humanitarian situation in Syria, platform's head Hamza Munther said Sunday.

GENEVA (Sputnik) – According to Munther, sponsorship of terrorism should also be ended.

"We also submitted to special envoy our vision on how to put an end to humanitarian disaster, with special mechanisms… The first mechanism would be to combat terrorism," Munther told reporters.

"The second track [after addressing terrorism issues] would be political process and direct talks between opposition and government, and opposition would be composed of various delegations and will include everyone," the delegate added.

The Moscow platform is not against the participation of other opposition groups in a single opposition delegation at the intra-Syrian reconciliation talks in Geneva, Hamza Munther said.

"We are not excluding any opposition groups. Everybody is welcome to join one delegation [of opposition, which is still to be formed]. There are also Kurds… If there are any other groups who want to put together a platform," Munther said, asked about his attitude to the absence of the Hmeymim group in Geneva.

The unification of the opposition is one of the key issues at the ongoing negotiations in Geneva


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