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Spokesman: Astana meeting vital to maintain truce in Syria

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 23, IRNA -- Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi expressed hope that Astana meeting would help maintain truce and pave the way to find a political solution for Syria crisis.

Qasemi made the remarks in his weekly press conference in Tehran.

He reiterated that reinforcing truce is considered as the main issue which would be discussed during the two-day meeting in the Kazakh capital, Astana.

Describing Astana meeting as a huge success, he added the gathering would be considered as an introduction to launch humanitarian aids in this Arab country.

He underlined that a limited number of countries are attending the meeting which is regarded as an important characteristics of the gathering.

Commenting on the presence of Iran, Russia and Turkey in the Astana meeting, he added the three countries, as the initiators of the gathering, could possibly facilitate the assembly work aimed at stabilizing the ceasefire in a precise manner.

The 2-day negotiations will be held with the attendance of Syrian delegations, opposition groups, UN envoy on Syria and US ambassador to Kazakhstan today and tomorrow in Astana.

The event aims at reinforcing and sustaining the truce which has been established in Syria since December 30 and to find political solutions for the Syria crisis.

Iranian, Russian and Turkish delegations holding several bilateral and trilateral talks in Astana on Sunday and Monday consulted on establishing more coordination aiming at increasing success chance in negotiations.

Participants also prepared the plan of armed Syrian opposition groups' presence in Astana talks and unarmed oppositions in the upcoming meeting.

Astana meeting has been planned to remove obstacles on the way of resuming Syrian peace talks in Geneva which has been stopped by sabotage of armed Syrian opposition groups.

Iranian delegation arrived in Astana Saturday morning to take part in the talks attended by the representatives of Russia, Turkey, and the Syrian government, non-terrorist opposition groups and the United Nations.


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