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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Russian Admiral Reveals Russian Navy's Main Mission in World Ocean

Sputnik News

21:39 02.07.2017

About 100 Russian ships are currently on a mission in different parts of the "world ocean," Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev said.

"Today, about 100 of the Russian Navy's warships and support vessels are showing the St. Andrew's flag in the World Ocean in the name of stability and peace," he said in an article published by the International Maritime Defense Show's journal.

Korolev also stressed that Russian shipbuilding is based on advanced technology and global shipbuilding trends.

"We must work ahead of the world's shipbuilding trends in order to enable our Navy to respond to any threats in the World Ocean; we must go a few steps forward and look at the distant future. We are implementing our shipbuilding program until 2050, taking all this into account," Korolev said.

According to him, in the next 5-10 years Russian ships will have more advanced capabilities, including better maneuverability as well as more sophisticated weapons systems.

On June 24, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that two Russian Navy warships and a submarine fired six Kalibr cruise missiles from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea on Daesh targets in Syria.

Prior to the recent attack, the Russian Navy's Admiral Essen frigate and the Krasnodar submarine launched four Kalibr cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean Sea and targeted Daesh terrorists in the area of Palmyra on May 31.

Kalibr cruise missiles have been used by the Russian military to fight Daesh in Syria since 2015.


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