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2002 Russia Special Weapons News

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  • RUSSIA / TRIAL VOA 31 Dec 2002 -- Russian military officer has been cleared of charges he killed a Chechen woman in the breakaway region of Chechnya. The decision has been criticized by human rights officials. They say it shows Russia is not serious about prosecuting human rights abuses by Russian forces
  • RUSSIA / AIR TRAFFIC VOA 23 Dec 2002 -- Russian air traffic controllers in many cities are in their second day of a hunger strike as part of their demands for higher pay.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN / CHECHNYA VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- President Vladimir Putin faced many questions on the situation in Chechnya when he held a live, televised, conversation with people across Russia Thursday.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin held a live, televised conversation with people from across Russia Thursday -- fielding questions ranging from the serious to humorous
  • RUSSIA / EXTREMISM VOA 17 Dec 2002-- A major human rights report, released in the second half of the year, says racist attacks are on the rise across Russia. The problem is well-known to the Russian government. In an effort to combat hate crimes, President Putin signed into law an anti-extremism bill in July
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA VOA 12 Dec 2002 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a constitutional referendum in war-torn Chechnya to pave the way for eventual elections
  • RUSSIA / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 10 Dec 2002 -- President Vladimir Putin has told Russia's human rights commission that Russia still has a long way to go toward ensuring basic human rights for its citizens. The president's comments come two days before the nation celebrates Constitution Day
  • Build Common Security, Vershbow Urges Russia, NATO Washington File 09 Dec 2002-- Russia, Europe and the United States must not let the opportunity to intensify and broaden cooperation slip away, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow told a conference at the Institute for Applied International Research (IAIR) in Moscow December 6.
  • RUSSIA / NATO VOA 09 Dec 2002 -- The head of NATO is wrapping up a trip to Moscow, a visit that highlights the growing relationship between Russia and the security organization. But there are still a few kinks in the relationship
  • RUSSIA / NATO VOA 08 Dec 2002-- NATO Secretary-General George Robertson is in Moscow for talks focused on security cooperation
  • RUSSIA/ZAKAYEV VOA 07 Dec 2002 -- A senior Chechen leader, currently in London, says Russia's bid to extradite him on terror-related charges has drawn publicity to the Chechen cause.
  • Text: Fines Assessed for Illegal Transshipment of Computers to Russia Washington File 06 Dec 2002 -- A Texas company will pay a $40,000 civil penalty for re-exporting computers from Germany to the Russian Federal Nuclear Center of the Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Arzamas-16) in 1996 in violation of U.S. export control requirements
  • RUSSIA / KYRGYZSTAN VOA 05 Dec 2002 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a series of economic and security agreements with Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev. The Russian President signed the agreements during a one-day stop in Kyrgzstan, the latest stop on Mr. Putin's trip through the region
  • RUSSIA/CHINA VOA 01 Dec 2002 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is flying to China today (Sunday) to meet the new leaders in Beijing and discuss numerous issues of mutual interest. Russian officials stress that the three-day visit to Beijing comes at a crucial time for China


  • BUSH / PUTIN VOA 22 Nov 2002 -- President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed Iraq and NATO expansion Friday during talks in St. Petersburg -- Mr. Putin's hometown. The Russian leader urged President Bush to handle the Iraqi problem within the context of the U-N, and not act alone
  • PUTIN / BUSH SUMMIT VOA 22 Nov 2002 -- U-S President George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin have warned Iraq it must comply fully and immediately with a U-N ultimatum to disarm. But during a summit with Mr. Bush Friday, Mr. Putin also reiterated his opposition to any unilateral U-S action against Iraq
  • RUSSIA / U-S SUMMIT VOA 22 Nov 2002 -- President George Bush is on his way to (has arrived in) St. Petersburg for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on NATO expansion. The two leaders are also expected to discuss other topics, including Iraq and the fighting in Chechnya
  • Fact Sheet Outlines NATO-Russia Relations Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- At their Rome Summit in May 2002, NATO and Russia created the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) as a major instrument of an emerging, new strategic relationship. The events of September 11, 2001, have alerted NATO and Russia to the new threats of the 21st Century, challenges we should face together. In the NRC, Allies and Russia can work as partners for consensus-building, consultations, joint decisions, and joint actions.
  • BUSH/PUTIN SCENESETTER VOA 21 Nov 2002 -- When President Bush leaves the NATO summit in Prague (editors: 5am EST Friday), he will go directly to Russia for a brief meeting with President Vladimir Putin.They will meet just outside Saint Petersburg, Mr. Putin's hometown
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA VOA 15 Nov 2002 -- Four people are dead and nine injured after armed Chechens took over a bus in the Republic of Ingushetia in southern Russia
  • RUSSIA / U-N / IRAQ VOA 06 Nov 2002 -- A senior Russian official says Russia is pleased with a new draft resolution on Iraq that the United States is presenting today (Wednesday) to the Security Council. But Russia still has some reservations
  • Kaliningrad Future VOA 05 Nov 2002-- A U-S scholar on Russia spoke Tuesday about the future of the enclave of Kaliningrad, the Baltic sea territory that is separated from mainland Russia by Lithuania and Belarus


  • RUSSIAN LOOSE NUKES VOA 30 Oct 2002-- Experts say Saddam Hussein could build a nuclear bomb within months if he could get his hands on nuclear materials from foreign sources. But if the Iraqi dictator is left to his own devices, Baghdad is unlikely to have a nuclear weapon anytime soon. Similar conclusions hold true for terrorist groups seeking to develop nuclear weapons.
  • RUSSIA / GAS VOA 28 Oct 2002-- British medical and security experts are evaluating the impact of the secret gas Russian security forces used to end the hostage crisis Saturday in Moscow. Based on reports of what the gas did, the experts think it may be a gas developed during the Vietnam War
  • U.S. Guardedly Optimistic about Russian Ammunition Removal from Moldova Washington File 03 Oct 2002-- The United States is "guardedly optimistic" about a report from Russia that it is removing ammunition from Moldova, as agreed upon at the 1999 OSCE summit in Istanbul, said Ambassador Stephan M. Minikes during the October 3 session of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.


  • Bush, Abraham Hail Benefits of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Washington File 18 Sept 2002-- In a statement read by Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham at a ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan, September 18, President Bush hailed the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline as "a central component of a new East-West energy corridor that will provide far-reaching benefits."
  • U.S., Russia Identify New Ways to Reduce Excess Nuclear Materials Washington File 17 Sept 2002-- A group of Russian and American experts tasked by President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin with finding ways to accelerate the disposition of excess nuclear weapon materials has finished its report three months ahead of schedule, U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and Russian Minister of Atomic Energy Aleksandr Rumyantsev disclosed in a joint statement September 16.


  • RUSSIA/U-S/NUCLEAR VOA 29 Aug 2002 -- One of the co-authors of a U-S program aimed at helping to safeguard Russia's weapons says both countries must press forward with disarmament. U-S Senator Richard Lugar held talks in Moscow with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.
  • GEORGIA / RUSSIA VOA 29 AUg 2002 -- Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze has turned down an offer by Moscow to send Russian troops to the lawless Pankisi gorge region of Georgia to hunt down Chechen militants. The gorge has become an increasing source of tension between Georgia and Russia.
  • U-S-Georgia-Russia VOA 28 Aug 2002 -- The United States is urging Russia to show restraint as Georgia moves to establish security and deal with Muslim guerrillas in the troubled Pankisi Gorge area. Russia says the gorge is being used as a refuge and staging ground for attacks into Russia by Chechen rebels.


  • RUSSIA / NUCLEAR TALKS VOA 31 Jul 2002-- Senior U-S officials are in Moscow today (Wednesday) for talks expected to focus on nuclear issues
  • RUSSIA/NORTH KOREA VOA 27 Jul 2002-- The Russian foreign minister travels to North Korea Sunday in a bid to promote reconciliation on the Korean peninsula
  • RUSSIA / KURSK VOA 26 Jul 2002-- A faulty torpedo and not a foreign ship caused the Russian submarine Kursk to sink almost two years ago, killing all 118 people on board
  • RUSSIA / FOREIGN POLICY VOA 05 Jul 2002-- Russian President Vladimir Putin returned triumphantly to Moscow from last week's summit of major industrialized nations in Canada. His country won a permanent seat in the G-8, which will now be made up of the heads of state of Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United States, Japan and Russia. Mr. Putin was also promised 20-billion dollars to eliminate and decommission his country's nuclear and chemical weapons over the next decade. This was the latest in a series of foreign policy successes for President Putin


  • G8 Russia Weapons VOA 27 Jun 2002-- At the Group of Eight summit in western Canada agreement has been reached on an ambitious multi-year program to assist Russia in dismantling its unneeded stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
  • RUSSIA / KURSK VOA 19 Jun 2002-- A senior Russian official says a faulty torpedo - not a foreign vessel -- was to blame for sinking Russia's premier nuclear submarine two years ago
  • Bush Continues Emergency Relating to Fissile Material in Russia Washington File 19 Jun 2002-- In a message to Congress June 18, President Bush enclosed a notice stating that "the emergency declared with respect to the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian Federation is to continue beyond June 21, 2002."
  • U.S., Russia Approve New Terms for Enriched Uranium Agreement Washington File 19 Jun 2002-- The United States and Russia have approved a new market-based mechanism for determining the price paid to Russia for reactor fuel derived from highly-enriched uranium that will be predictable and will obviate the need for periodic re-negotiation, according to the following statement by State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher
  • U.S. Company to Take Delivery of Russian Nuclear Material Washington File 18 Jun 2002-- A private U.S. company, the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC, Inc.), signed an agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE) June 17 to take delivery of enriched uranium from dismantled nuclear weapons in Russia and process it so that it can be used to fuel commercial power plants in the United States.


  • BUSH/RUSSIA/IRAN VOA 24 May 2002-- After hours of summit talks in Moscow, the United States and Russia remain at odds over a nuclear power plant in Iran. Russia is helping to build the plant. But the Bush administration says the joint project poses a security threat
  • Fact Sheet: U.S. Threat Reduction Assistance to Russia Washington File 24 May 2002-- Following is a White House fact sheet on U.S. Threat Reduction Assistance to Russia issued in conjunction with the May 24 Moscow summit between President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Fact Sheet: U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Advanced Nuclear Technologies Washington File 24 May 2002-- President Bush and President Putin have agreed to establish a joint experts group to develop recommendations for potential U.S.-Russian collaboration on advanced nuclear fuel cycle research and development.
  • Fact Sheet: U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Material Reduction Washington File 24 May 2002-- President Bush and President Putin have agreed to establish a joint experts group to examine means to eliminate more weapons-grade nuclear material.
  • RUSSIA / U-S / ARMS REACT VOA 15 May 2002-- Russia's defense minister has dismissed charges that his country compromised its national interests by its recent agreement (Tuesday) to a major nuclear arms reduction pact with the United States. His comment follows criticism from some in Russia that the new treaty does not benefit Russia
  • RUSSIA / U-S / POWELL VOA 13 May 2002-- Negotiators from the United States and Russia are working to finalize an agreement to drastically reduce nuclear arsenals. Both sides hope an accord will be finalized in time for President Bush's visit to Moscow, later this month


  • RUSSIA / RUMSFELD VOA 29 Apr 2002-- U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov say they have made some progress toward joint nuclear arms cuts.
  • RUSSIA / ARMS TALKS VOA 21 Apr 2002-- A senior U.S. arms official is in Moscow to continue discussions on new arms agreements with Russia. The two sides will work on the run-up to the U.S.-Russian presidential summit meeting to be held next month
  • RUSSIA-U-S VOA 08 Apr 2002-- Russian President Vladimir Putin warns the United States against changing its nuclear policy and defends his own country's tilt towards the West. The president's comments came during an interview with Russian and German journalists, on the eve of his visit to Germany


  • RUSSIA/ARMS CONTROL VOA 16 Mar 2002-- Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says a formal agreement with the United States on reducing nuclear arms is possible. However, he says, many differences still remain between the two sides on the issue


  • Annual Report to Congress on the Safety and Security of Russian Nuclear Facilities and Military Forces National Intelligence Council Feb 2002 -- Congress has directed the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) to submit to the Congressional leadership and intelligence committees an annual, unclassified report assessing the safety and security of the nuclear facilities and military forces in Russia.
  • CIA Report Says Russian Nuclear Security Improving but 'Risks Remain' Washington File 26 Feb 2002-- A new U.S. intelligence report says security at Russian nuclear facilities is improving, but it also warns that Russian nuclear authorities may not be adapting to meet newer security threats.
  • RUSSIA / U-S VOA 19 Feb 2002-- A senior U-S official in Moscow says an agreement between Russia and the United States on reducing nuclear weapons stockpiles may not be ready in time for the May presidential summit
  • SOVIET NUKES / GENE MUTATIONS VOA 08 Feb 2002-- An international team of scientists has linked Soviet atmospheric nuclear tests in the 1940's and '50's to genetic mutations in people living downwind of the blasts at the time. But there is no evidence that the radiation from the explosions has actually caused disease


  • RUSSIA/ARMS CONTROL VOA 19 Jan 2002-- A senior Russian military official says the United States and Russia are likely to sign a new arms control agreement before summer. His comment comes after the two sides held meetings last week in Washington to discuss the issue
  • RUSSIA / U-S RELATIONS VOA 15 Jan 2002-- Senior U-S and Russian defense officials are beginning (Tuesday) nuclear-arms reduction talks in Washington. Despite the recent improvement in relations between the two countries there are many issues to be resolved
  • RUSSIA/TENSIONS VOA 12 Jan 2002-- Russia's strong support for the U-S-led war against terrorism has led to a remarkable improvement in relations between Moscow and Washington in recent months. But now there are signs of strain between the United States and Russia over various issues
  • RUSSIA / U-S MISSILES VOA 10 Jan 2002-- Russian officials say any cuts in U-S nuclear weapons must be irreversible.

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