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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

September 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • RUSSIA'S ROAD TO CORRUPTION How the Clinton Administration Exported Government Instead of Free Enterprise and Failed the Russian People Speaker's Advisory Group on Russia United States House of Representatives 106th Congress, Hon. Christopher Cox, Chairman 19 September 2000 -- The manifold failures of both Russian and U.S. government policy are surveyed: the early corruption of the non-market "privatization" to insiders; the spread of organized crime; the eventual complete collapse of the Russian economy in 1998; the rise of weapons proliferation as a means of generating hard currency; and the increasing estrangement of Russia from the United States, essentially reversing the trends that existed in 1992.
  • SHUTTLE UNDOCKING, Voice of America, 18 September 2000 -- The U-S space shuttle "Atlantis" and its seven astronauts and cosmonauts departed the International Space Station early Monday after six days of making it a home for future long-duration crews.
  • SHUTTLE-SUNDAY, Voice of America, 17 September 2000 -- The U-S and Russian crew of the space shuttle Atlantis sealed up the International Space Station after outfitting it for permanent residence later this year.
  • SHUTTLE-SATURDAY, Voice of America, 16 September 2000 -- The crew of the U-S space shuttle Atlantis made the International Space Station a little more like home today for future crews who will live and work aboard the outpost.
  • RUSSIA / PARLIAMENT / KURSK, Voice of America, 15 September 2000 -- The Russian official in charge of the investigation into the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk faced a barrage of criticism Friday as he addressed Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma.
  • SHUTTLE-FRIDAY, Voice of America, 15 September 2000 -- U-S Astronauts and Russian cosmonauts continued setting up the International Space Station for permanent occupancy Friday after the U-S House of Representatives voted to keep funding the outpost.
  • INSIDE PUTIN'S RUSSIA, Voice of America, 15 September 2000 -- A conversation with Jonas Bernstein, senior Russia analyst with the Jamestown Foundation about the recent troubles in Russia, including the fire in Moscow's main T-V transmission tower.
  • SHUTTLE-THURSDAY, Voice of America, 14 September 2000 -- U-S space shuttle astronauts and cosmonauts took on electrician's and plumber's duties Thursday as they hauled more supplies into the International Space Station.
  • RUSSIA / FBI, Voice of America, 14 September 2000 -- The F-B-I is assisting Russia with an investigation into an early August bomb blast in Moscow, which killed 13-people and injured 100.
  • SHUTTLE-WEDNESDAY, Voice of America, 13 September 2000 -- The U-S and Russian crew of the space shuttle "Atlantis" performed maintenance on the International Space Station Wednesday, to get it ready for the first long-duration crew, later this year.
  • SPACE STATION ENTRY WRAP, Voice of America, 12 September 2000 -- U-S space shuttle astronauts and cosmonauts floated into the International Space Station Tuesday to begin outfitting it for full-time habitation, later this year.
  • RUSSIA / NUCLEAR, Voice of America, 12 September 2000 -- The Russian government says that next month deep sea divers will begin recovering the bodies of the 118-crewmen who died aboard the sunken nuclear submarine Kursk.
  • SHUTTLE-SPACEWALK WRAP, Voice of America, 11 September 2000 -- Two U-S space shuttle crewmembers have made a record 33-meter excursion outside the orbiter to continue assembly of the International Space Station.
  • SHUTTLE-DOCKING WRAP, Voice of America, 10 September 2000 -- The U-S space shuttle Atlantis has docked with the International Space Station on a mission to make the outpost livable for permanent habitation.
  • PUTIN/KURSK, Voice of America, 09 September 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledges he made a mistake last month by failing to rush back to the Kremlin from his southern vacation to deal with the "Kursk" nuclear submarine disaster.
  • SHUTTLE LAUNCH, Voice of America, 08 September 2000 -- The mission aims to prepare the station for its first full time crew later this year.
  • RUSSIA SUB, Voice of America, 08 September 2000 -- A German newspaper is reporting that a missile fired by a Russian warship hit and sank the Russian submarine Kursk last month.
  • Russia Stays Close To NATO Sub Exercise, Stars and Stripes, 07 September 2000 -- The largest submarine rescue exercise in NATO history is under way in Mediterranean waters off Mersin, Turkey - and though Russia is not participating, the alliance's former enemy is keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.
  • SHUTTLE-OVERVIEW, Voice of America, 07 September 2000 -- The U-S space shuttle Atlantis has lifted off from Florida on a mission to the International Space Station.
  • DoD News Briefing, U.S. Department of Defense, 07 September 2000 -- Questions on the sinking of the Kursk and Russian military downsizing.
  • RUSSIA / GRENADE, Voice of America, 07 September 2000 -- At least sixteen people were injured early Thursday in Moscow when a man threw a grenade in a section of the city frequented by prostitutes.
  • CLINTON-PUTIN, Voice of America, 07 September 2000 -- President Clinton met Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday on the sidelines of the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York, but the two powers appear no closer to resolving their dispute over U-S missile-defense efforts.
  • Strategic Stability Cooperation Initiative, The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, 07 September 2000 -- Strategic Stability Cooperation Initiative between the United States of America and Russian Federation - Text of the Joint Statement and Implementation Plan
  • Briefing By Deputy Secretary Of State Strobe Talbott, U.S. Department of State Office of the Spokesman, 07 September 2000 -- Transcript of a briefing conducted for members of the Russian media.
  • U.S., Russian Navy Expand Cooperation to Secure Nuclear Materials, U.S. Department of Energy, 06 September 2000 -- The United States and the Russian Federation are continuing cooperative efforts to secure nuclear materials used by the Russian navy and have signed an agreement to expand their cooperation in the future.
  • CLINTON-PUTIN TALKS, THE WHITE HOUSE, Office of the Press Secretary, 06 September 2000 -- Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and Jim Timbie, Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for International Security and Arms Control outline developments in the talks between Presidents Clinton and Putin.
  • CLINTON - RUSSIA, Voice of America, 05 September 2000 -- President Clinton meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday on the sidelines of the United Nations Millenium Summit in New York.
  • RUSSIA/US MISSILE REACTION, Voice of Americaoice of America, 02 September 2000 -- Russian political and military leaders are describing President Bill Clinton's decision to put plans for a missile defense shield on hold as a "constructive" decision that will help reinforce world stability.
  • Naval Spent Fuel Storage Facility - Sites 32 And 34, U.S. Department of Energy, 01 September 2000 -- SECRETARY OF ENERGY BILL RICHARDSON remarks at the commissioning of the completed Material Protection Control and Accountancy improvements for the Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities at Sites 32 and 34 in Vladivostok, Russia.

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