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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

2000 South Korea Special Weapons News

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  • Korea / Kim Dae Jung, Voice of America, 06 November 2000 -- South Korean President Kim Dae-jung has recently been receiving much international praise for his crusade to forge peace with communist North Korea.


  • U.S. and South Korean Statement on Status of Forces Agreement, U.S. Department of Defense, 19 October 2000 -- "Both sides reaffirmed the importance of the ROK-US security alliance and the need to revise the SOFA as soon as possible to reinforce that alliance."
  • U.S., South Korea to resume SOFA revision talks, Stars and Stripes, 18 October 2000 -- U.S. and South Korean officials are to resume negotiations Tuesday in Washington on revisions to the Status of Forces Agreement, according to a Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry spokesman.


  • State Department joins USFK in warning of possible attacks, Stars and Stripes, 05 September 2000 -- The U.S. State Department posted a warning on its Web site that a non-Korean group may carry out terrorist activities against Americans and U.S. government installations in South Korea.
  • USFK warns of threat from 'non-Korean foreigners', Stars and Stripes, 03 September 2000 -- U.S. Forces Korea on Friday issued a warning that "an individual or group of non-Korean foreigners" could attempt to attack Americans in South Korea.
  • August

  • S. Korean, U.S. teams agree on SOFA legal custody issue, Stars and Stripes, 05 August 2000 -- U.S. military members accused of crimes in South Korea will be turned over to South Korean authorities under a new agreement reached during this week's Status of Forces Agreement talks in Seoul.
  • U.S., South Korea agree in principle on SOFA revision, Stars and Stripes, 04 August 2000 -- Negotiators have agreed in principle to revise the South Korean-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, an official with the South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry said Wednesday.
  • Pentagon spokesman: SOFA should protect both sides, Stars and Stripes, 03 August 2000 -- Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said the United States hopes to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with South Korea that protects the interests of both sides.
  • S. Korea's Kim tells people U.S. presence has benefits, Stars and Stripes, 03 August 2000 -- South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, worried about rising anti-Americanism, said Tuesday that criticism of U.S. policies is acceptable but warned anti-U.S. groups to "refrain from taking hasty action that is of no benefit to the country."
  • DoD News Briefing - ROK SOFA, U.S. Department of Defense, 01 August 2000 -- Q: Yeah, the South Korean parliament has called on the U.S. to renegotiate its Status of Forces Agreement. Is the Defense Department prepared to move forward on that?


  • U.S., South Korea to talk about possible SOFA revision, Stars and Stripes, 31 July 2000 -- The United States and South Korea will hold two days of talks this week on possible revision of the Status of Forces Agreement.
  • DoD News Briefing - South Korean Missiles, U.S. Department of Defense, 13 July 2000 -- Q: New subject. On Korea, has there been a change in U.S. policy about South Korea developing an indigenous ballistic missile capability?


  • KOREA / MARKET REACT Voice of America 15 June 2000 -- South Korea's stock market, the Kospi, plunged on Thursday, losing almost 6 percent of its value. Investors were apparently disappointed that the reconciliation agreement between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung failed to include any financial issues.
  • KOREA SUMMIT Voice of America 15 June 2000 -- South Korean President Kim Dae-jung says he believes reunification of the two Koreas can be achieved if the two sides work together to build trust.
  • An Analysis of the Outcome of the Inter-Korea Summit Talks June 15, 2000 -- A climate of reconciliation is definitely taking root on the Korean Peninsula, which has remained the sole remnant of the Cold War over the past decade following the end of the Cold War in other parts of the world. In accordance with this spirit, the South and North will implement measures such as the opening of direct military hotlines, the suspension of mutual denunciation and acts of destruction and insurrection.
  • Remarks by President Kim Dae-jung on Returning Home from the Inter-Korean Summit in Pyongyang June 15, 2000 -- National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong-il's welcome and hospitality was beyond my expectations. We talked about nuclear and missile issues. The issue of the U.S. forces stationed in the South also cropped up. In February 1992, the South and North produced the Basic Agreement in which the two sides promised reconciliation, nonaggression, exchanges and cooperation, and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. But this Basic Agreement, despite all the detailed provisions, has failed to produce any practical result.
  • South-North Joint Declaration June 15, 2000 -- The South and the North have agreed to consolidate mutual trust by promoting balanced development of the national economy through economic cooperation and by stimulating cooperation and exchanges in civic, cultural, sports, health, environmental and all other fields.



  • KOREA SUMMIT Voice of America 24 April 2000 -- South Korea's president has secured the support of the main opposition party for his unprecedented June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.


  • NORTH/SOUTH KOREA RELATIONS Voice of America 01 March 2000 -- South Korean President Kim Dae Jung is expressing optimism about his "sunshine policy" of engagement and eventual reunification with the North.


  • Pennsylvania Company Settles Charges of Unlawful Exports of Chemicals February 28, 2000 -- A $150,000 civil penalty was imposed on Houghton International Inc., Valley Forge, PA, a manufacturer of specialty chemical products, to settle allegations that the company illegally exported chemicals to South Korea.
  • S. KOREA POLITICS Voice of America 24 February 2000 -- South Korea's ruling coalition has collapsed, ahead of crucial elections due in just over a month's time.


  • A New Asian Space Race Emerges By Frank Sietzen space.com 25 January 2000 -- Even if the South Korean commercial rocket is established, some suggest that, given the existing global competition, it won't have many customers. "We are seeing a strategic arms race and space race develop in Asia that is very foolish," said Charles P. Vick of the Federation of American Scientists' Space Policy Project.
  • South Korea Plans to Begin Rocket Program CALVIN SIMS The New York Times January 15, 2000 -- South Korea plans to develop a rocket capable of ferrying satellites into orbit within the next five years at a cost that space agency officials estimate at $500 million to $1 billion,

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