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Saudi Press Agency

Cairo Declaration Proclaimed, including Political Initiative to End Conflict, in Libya

Saudi Press Agency

Saturday 1441/10/14 - 2020/06/06

Cairo, Jun 6, 2020, SPA -- Talks between the Egyptian President Abdullfatth Al-Sissi and the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives Aqilla Saleh, concluded in declaring here today, a political initiative.

Accordingly, all parties shall commit to a cease-fire beginning from Monday, based on the outputs of Berlin Summit, which produced a comprehensively political solution for the Libyan conflict, including executive steps and human rights' respect.

It calls on the UN and international community to force all foreign parties to withdraw external mercenaries form the entire Libyan territories, dismantling all militias and hand over their weapons to the Armed Forces (the National Libyan Army), to shoulder their military role, in cooperation with other security apparatuses, in a way that would lay ground for combat terrorism and maintain Libyan sovereignty over land, marine and airspace.

The initiative aims at restoring the national institutions of the Libyan state and define an appropriate national mechanism to revive the political process, under the sponsorship of the UN.

Among the items of the initiative is to empower the Presidential Council to take decisions by majority, except in regard of sovereign decisions related to the armed forces, which shall be taken, unanimously.

All three regions of Libya shall have equitable representation in the Presidential Council and a deputy premier based on qualification, in order to set up a 3-member Presidential Council comprising a Presidents and two VPs. The council shall name the Premier who will form the government, with his two deputies and submit it to the Presidential Council prior to sending the proposal to the House of Representatives, to secure a vote of confidence.

UN will have an overseeing role on the electoral colleges, in general, to guarantee fair election process for the members of the Presidential Council representing the 3-regions and fair portfolios for regions, in the cabinet, in accordance with each region population, following agreement on the members of the new Presidential Council and nominating the Premier, provided that no region shall, simultaneously, preside over the three powers: the Presidential Council, House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers.

18:13 LOCAL TIME 15:13 GMT

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