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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

06 May 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations


US Policy

  • Bush "Sorry" for Humiliation of Iraqi Prisoners Washington File 06 May 2004 -- President Bush has told Jordan's King Abdullah that he is "sorry" for the humiliation suffered by Iraqi prisoners at the hands of U.S. forces.
  • Defense Department Report, May 6: Prisoner Abuse Washington File 06 May 2004 -- Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz says the actions taken by U.S. soldiers against Iraqi prisoners as depicted in a series of photographs is "totally unacceptable."
  • Congressional Report, May 6: Prisoner Abuse Hearings Planned Washington File 06 May 2004 -- The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution May 6 that condemns the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in U.S. custody and urges the U.S. Army to conduct a thorough investigation into all allegations of Iraqi prisoner abuse.
  • CONGRESS - IRAQ VOA 06 May 2004 -- U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is expected to face tough questioning before Congress Friday about the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by U-S troops. His appearance comes as growing numbers of Democrats are calling for his resignation.
  • IRAQ/U-S POL VOA 06 May 2004 -- Even as the Bush administration seeks to limit the damage abroad caused by revelations about abuse of prisoners in Iraq, some political experts are asking if the scandal might affect domestic support for the Iraq effort.
  • BUSH / IRAQ VOA 06 May 2004 -- President Bush has apologized for U-S soldiers who abused prisoners in Iraq. The apology came during a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah.
  • IRAQ SITREP VOA 06 May 2004 -- President Bush says he has admonished Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for failing to inform him about shocking photos of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners - but says he does not want Mr. Rumsfeld to resign as some members of Congress say he should. More photos of Iraqi prisoners apparently being abused have now surfaced.
  • CONGRESS/IRAQ VOA 06 May 2004 -- There are growing calls in Congress for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U-S troops.
  • Vice Chairman Promises Thorough Look Into Prisoner Abuse AFPS 06 May 2004 -- The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff condemned abuse of Iraqi prisoners and said the military will get to the bottom of what happened at Abu Ghraib prison and bring the perpetrators to justice.
  • Bush Expresses Regrets Over Prisoner Abuse AFPS 06 May 2004 -- President Bush called cases of abuse of Iraqi prisoners "a stain on our country's honor and our country's reputation" and said he told Jordanian King Abdullah II during their meeting today that he is sorry for the humiliation suffered by the prisoners as well as their families.
  • On CNN's Paula Zahn Now US Dept. of State 06 May 2004 -- Richard L. Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State

  • Wolfowitz Disputes Notion Saddam 'Just Another Bad Guy' AFPS 06 May 2004 -- Saddam Hussein "institutionalized and sanctioned brutality on a scale" unimaginable to most Americans, the Pentagon's second- ranking civilian said in Philadelphia today.
  • Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Remarks at the World Affairs Council of Greater Philadelphia 06 May 2004
  • CONGRESS - NEGROPONTE VOA 06 May 2004 -- The U-S Senate Thursday overwhelmingly confirmed Ambassador to the United Nations, John Negroponte, as the first U-S Ambassador to post-war Iraq.
  • Coalition Provisional Authority Report, May 6: Update on Najaf Washington File 06 May 2004 -- Lawlessness in places like Najaf must cease, says Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) administrator Paul Bremer, because there is no place for it in the new Iraq.
  • Bremer Names Former Anti-Saddam Activist as New Governor of Najaf AFPS 06 May 2004 -- A former prisoner of the Saddam Hussein regime who returned to Iraq from exile last year has been appointed as the new governor of Najaf province, coalition administrator Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III announced today in Baghdad.
  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 06 May 2004 -- "The Iraqi authorities and the coalition are cooperating to reaffirm the rule of law and to restore order to the middle Euphrates area. To further that cooperation, I'm naming Adnan al-Zurufi as governor of Najaf. "

United Nations

  • Iraq: UN envoy Brahimi arrives back to seek agreement on interim government UN News Centre 06 May 2004 -- United Nations Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi arrived back in Baghdad today and immediately started work on seeking agreement for forming a caretaker Iraqi government by the end of May, ready to succeed the United States-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) on 30 June.
  • U-N/IRAQ/HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 06 May 2004 -- The United Nations is planning to issue a report late this month on alleged human rights abuses since the coalition took control in Iraq. Investigators are hoping to visit Baghdad to take testimony from alleged victims.

Reconstruction Issues

  • IRAQ: Child malnutrition increasing in south IRIN 06 May 2004 -- More than a decade of UN sanctions and various wars has exposed Iraqi children to a variety of health threats. One of the most neglected areas during Saddam Hussein's rule was the predominately Shi'ite south.

Foreign Reactions

  • Middle East: Bush's Comments On Prisoner Abuse Generally Fail To Impress In Iraq, Arab World RFE/RL 06 May 2004 -- U.S. President George W. Bush granted interviews yesterday to two Arabic satellite networks in an effort to stem the fallout over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers. Reactions in the Arab world to Bush's remarks has generally been negative, however.
  • BRITAIN / POLAND IRAQ VOA 06 May 2004 -- The leaders of Britain and Poland have condemned the abuses of prisoners by coalition forces in Iraq, but say they remain committed to completing the mission there.
  • ARABS / BUSH REACT VOA 06 May 2004 -- Media in the Arab world, and many ordinary people in the region's cities, were generally not impressed by President Bush's statements on two Arabic-language television stations on Wednesday, condemning the mistreatment of some Iraqi prisoners by a small number of U-S soldiers.

News Reports

  • ICRC/ U-S/IRAQ VOA 06 May 2004 -- The Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross says it has repeatedly asked U-S authorities to take action to improve the situation of inmates at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison. But a Red Cross spokeswoman refused to specify whether the organization alerted U-S forces to recently revealed incidents of prisoner abuse.
  • IRAQ: Civilians caught in Fallujah crossfire tell their story IRIN 06 May 2004 -- Coalition helicopters and aircraft bombed her house, killing 13 of her relatives and leaving Muhaye Ahmed, 17, with shrapnel in her legs, she told IRIN from her bed in a makeshift hospital on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah, some 50 km west of the capital, Baghdad.

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