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Iraq: UN envoy Brahimi arrives back to seek agreement on interim government

6 May 2004 United Nations Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi arrived back in Baghdad today and immediately started work on seeking agreement for forming a caretaker Iraqi government by the end of May, ready to succeed the United States-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) on 30 June.

Mr. Brahimi met with Iraqi Governing Council President Ezzedine Salim and Council member Adnan Pachachi, a former Foreign Minister, discussing the political transition with them and listening to their views on the new caretaker government, before going in to talks with United States Administrator L. Paul Bremer.

This government will formally end the occupation administration headed by Mr. Bremer and lead the country until elections scheduled for January 2005.

Mr. Brahimi, who will consult with a broad spectrum of Iraqis on the composition of the new body, told the Security Council last week: "Though it will certainly not be easy, we do believe that it shall be possible to identify, by the end of May, a group of people respected and acceptable to Iraqis across the country, to form this caretaker government."

He said Iraqis were near unanimous that a Prime Minister should lead this government, and that a President should serve as Head of State, with two Vice-Presidents.

The members of the caretaker government must be careful not to use their positions to try and give advantage to any political party or group, and to prevent even the perception that they might do so, it would be best if they all chose not to stand in the elections, he added.

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