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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

28 January 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
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Current Operations


  • US Army Plans More Troop Rotations for Iraq VOA News 28 Jan 2004 -- The chief of the U.S. Army says he is planning two more year-long rotations of 100,000 troops sent to Iraq - the first clear indication of just how long military officials are preparing to maintain a strong force in the country.
  • Marines Ready for Another Iraqi Endeavor AFPS 28 Jan 2004 -- Marines are getting ready to deploy again into Iraq, Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Michael Hagee told the House Armed Services Committee today.
  • Officials Detail Iraq Rotation Plans to Congress AFPS 28 Jan 2004 -- Military officials detailed to the House Armed Services Committee just how the troop rotation plan for Iraq will work.

US Policy

  • Former U.S. Weapons Inspector Testifies on Iraq Weapons Program Washington File 28 Jan 2004 -- Former U.S. weapons inspector David Kay testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee January 28 that he was unable to find substantive evidence that the regime of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction or had an active weapons development program.
  • Bush Meets Erdogan, Assures Territorial Integrity of Iraq Washington File 28 Jan 2004 -- President Bush met at the White House with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan January 28 and assured him that on Iraq, "the United States' ambition is for a peaceful country, a democratic Iraq that is territorially intact."
  • Kay Stands Firm On Iraq's Lack Of Banned Weapons RFE/RL 28 Jan 2004 -- The former chief U.S. weapons inspector, David Kay, told a Congressional panel today that it is highly unlikely that Iraq had a "large stockpile" of illegal weapons before the war last year.
  • Former US Inspector Criticizes Faulty Intelligence in Iraq Weapons Search VOA News 28 Jan 2004 -- Former chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay is blaming faulty intelligence for the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Mr. Kay testified before Congress Wednesday.

United Nations

  • US Opposes Independent Iraq Kurd State, says Bush VOA News 28 Jan 2004 -- President Bush has met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House. Mr. Bush reassured the Turkish leader that the United States does not want to see Iraq's Kurds get their own state.
  • Iraq: UN envoy visits Jordan for talks with officials, UN staff UN News Centre 28 Jan 2004 -- Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Acting Special Representative for Iraq visited Amman today for talks with government officials and UN staff in the Jordanian capital, which became a secondary hub for United Nations activities after last year's terrorist attack against the world body's headquarters in Baghdad.
  • Iraq: UN Mounts Cautious Return To Advise On Elections RFE/RL 28 Jan 2004 -- UN officials, moving cautiously, are poised to take on a critical role in helping to determine a path toward a transition of power in Iraq. Conditioned on security circumstances, a UN team is to head to Iraq shortly to begin assessing whether direct elections are possible before the planned U.S. handover of power in about five months. Diplomats familiar with transitional governments have expressed skepticism about the possibility of holding elections so soon.

Reconstruction Issues

  • Iraqi Interim Government Lifts Ban on Al-Arabiya VOA News 28 Jan 2004 -- The Iraqi interim government has lifted a two-month ban on the Arabic television broadcaster al-Arabiya, and is allowing the station to re-open its Baghdad offices.
  • IRAQ: Some hospitals become breeding ground for disease IRIN 28 Jan 2004 -- Walking through the corridors of the largest children's hospital in Iraq, chief resident doctor Qasim Ali Abid explained that the cause of death among his patients was from secondary infections caught while undergoing in-patient treatment.

Foreign Reactions

  • Report of the Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Dr David Kelly C.M.G. by Lord Hutton The Hutton Inquiry 28 Jan 2004

  • U.K.: BBC Stung By Hutton Report, While Blair Escapes Largely Unscathed RFE/RL 28 Jan 2004 -- Senior British judge Lord Brian Hutton today released the results of his inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of British government scientist David Kelly. Kelly committed suicide shortly after being named as the source of allegations that the British government had exaggerated the threat of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to justify war. The British political establishment and the media have been waiting in suspense for today's report, knowing it could spell the end for British Prime Minister Tony Blair and could also severely damage the British national broadcaster, the BBC, which carried the allegations.
  • Turkey Thanks Bush for Support Against Terrorist Organization AFPS 28 Jan 2004 -- Turkey's prime minister reinforced his country's commitment to the war on terror today, and he thanked President Bush for adding another alias of a group operating in his country to the U.S. State Department list of foreign terrorist organizations.
  • Judge Clears Blair of Wrongdoing in Handling Pre-War Intelligence VOA News 28 Jan 2004 -- A British judge has cleared Prime Minister Tony Blair of wrongdoing in the handling of intelligence before the war in Iraq. The senior judge also concluded that Mr. Blair's team did nothing seriously wrong in dealing with a government weapons scientist who had spoken to the media and later committed suicide. But the judge said the British Broadcasting Corporation made errors in reporting on intelligence issues and fielding complaints about its coverage.
  • No one at fault` for Kelly`s death, says Hutton IRNA 28 Jan 2004 -- The head of the inquiry into the death of David Kelly, said Wednesday that he had concluded that "no one was at fault" for not contemplating that the former Iraq arms inspector would commit suicide last July.
  • Kelly report sides with government against BBC IRNA 28 Jan 2004 -- Lord Hutton Wednesday presented a damning report against the behavior of the BBC at the expense of clearing the government any wrong-doings in the circumstances that led to the death of former Iraq arms inspector David Kelly last July.
  • Blair basks in `exoneration` of Kelly`s death IRNA 28 Jan 2004 -- Prime Minister Tony Blair Wednesday demanded full retraction from those who accused him and his government of dishonorable or duplicitous behavior in relations to the death of former Iraq arms inspector David Kelly.
  • BRITAIN / IRAQ INQUIRY VOA 28 Jan 2004 -- A British newspaper says Prime Minister Tony Blair has been cleared of misconduct in a long-awaited report into the death of a leading British weapons scientist.

News Reports

  • Iraq: Deaths Of CNN Staff Raise Fresh Questions About Security For Journalists, NGOs RFE/RL 28 Jan 2004 -- The killings yesterday in Iraq of two employees of a U.S. news organization are raising anew the question of whether journalists and employees of NGOs operating in the country need armed guards. The incident comes as violence yesterday left at least 10 other people dead across Iraq, where U.S. officials have said attacks on coalition and associated targets are decreasing.

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