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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

12 January 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 12 Jan 2004 [PDF]

  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 12 Jan 2004 -- "Ambassador Bremer today welcomed the news of the Governing Council's announcement of its new de-Ba'athification policies and procedures. (...) Over the past week, there has been an average of 17 engagements daily against coalition military forces, just over two attacks against Iraqi security forces and just over one attack daily against Iraqi civilians. (...) To that end, the coalition conducted 1,768 patrols, 24 offensive operations, 32 raids and captured 114 anti-coalition suspects in the past 24 hours. In the northern zone of operations, coalition forces conducted 192 patrols, four cordon-and-searches and detained 14 individuals in the past 24 hours.
  • IRAQ / WRAP VOA 12 Jan 2004 -- The U-S military says troops shot and killed seven Iraqis during a clash with an armed group that was trying to steal oil from a pipeline in central Iraq.
  • IRAQ / CLASH VOA 12 Jan 2004 -- The U-S military says troops shot and killed seven Iraqis during a clash with an armed group that was trying to steal oil from a pipeline in central Iraq.
  • Iraq: British Probe Killing Of Five Protesters At Al-Amarah RFE/RL 12 Jan 2004 -- British military officials are investigating why a demonstration over unemployment in southern Iraq turned violent on 10 January, leaving at least five protesters dead.
  • Possible Iraqi chemical weapons found - Denmark PLA Daily 12 Jan 2004 -- Danish troops have found dozens of mortar rounds buried in Iraq which chemical weapons tests show could contain blister gas, the Danish army said on Saturday.
  • THREE WEAPONS CACHES DISCOVERED, DESTROYED BY TASK FORCE "ALL AMERICAN" CENTCOM Release 12 Jan 2004-- Task Force "All American" troops discovered a substantial weapons cache northwest of Hit last night.
  • TASK FORCE "ALL-AMERICAN" CONTINUES OPERATIONS, RECRUIT TRAINING CENTCOM Release 12 Jan 2004-- During the last 24 hours, Task Force "All American" conducted 195 patrols (including 12 joint patrols) and conducted cordon and searches in Yusafiyah, Mahmudiyah, Iskandaryah, and two in the vicinity of Fallujah, wounding one and capturing 18 enemy personnel.
  • FORMER BA'ATH PARTY MEMBERS DENOUNCE AFFILIATION, TURN IN WEAPONS CENTCOM Release 12 Jan 2004-- High-ranking members of the Ba'ath Party renounced party affiliation today at a meeting in Tallafar in northwestern Iraq while fellow Iraqis and leaders from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) witnessed.
  • West Point duo developing military academies in Iraq, Afghanistan Army News Service 12 Jan 2004-- Plans for a military academy are developing in Iraq and one is set to open next year in Afghanistan thanks to the hard work and perseverance of two West Point officers.
  • V CORPS, RESERVE SOLDIERS WORK WITH IRAQIS TO PUT BAGHDAD FIREBOAT BACK ON DUTY V Corps Release 12 Jan 2004-- For the first time since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, Baghdad has a fireboat patrolling the Tigris River.
  • Elmendorf squadron gets 'the goods' in Iraq AFPN 12 Jan 2004-- "Get in and get out." That was their motto whenever they journeyed to downtown locations in Iraq.


  • PENTAGON: IRAQ ROTATION VOA 12 Jan 2004 -- The U-S military has begun its new year rotation of forces into Iraq --- one of the biggest movements of American troops in decades.

US Policy

  • U.S. Still Concerned over Alleged Russian Equipment Sales to Iraq Washington File 12 Jan 2004 -- State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said the United States continues to have an "ongoing discussion" with Russia over alleged Russian sales of proscribed military equipment to Iraq.
  • BUSH/IRAQ/O'NEILL VOA 12 Jan 2004 -- President Bush is downplaying criticism of his Iraq policy from a former member of his Cabinet. Mr. Bush says his decision to take military action was difficult, but the right thing to do.
  • Coalition Leaders Welcome Iraqi Governing Council Policy AFPS 12 Jan 2004 -- The Iraqi Governing Council's announcement of its new "de-Baathification" policies and procedures Jan. 11 was welcomed by the administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, coalition spokesman Dan Senor said at a briefing in Baghdad today.
  • Japan Decision to Send Troops to Iraq 'Historic' Myers Says AFPS 12 Jan 2004 -- Japan's decision to send forces to Iraq is a "historic move," said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers during a press conference here today.
  • Iraq: U.S. Rejects Shi'a Cleric's Call For Early Direct Elections RFE/RL 12 Jan 2004 -- The U.S. administrator for Iraq has rejected a Shi'a cleric's call to hold elections to fill positions in a provisional national authority. Iraq's most senior Shi'a Muslim cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, warned yesterday of increased political tensions if his demands for direct elections are not met. Al-Sistani's demands come amid increased tensions in some mainly Shi'a towns in the south of the country.
  • Iraq: Bremer Urges Adhering To Timeline For Power Transfer RFE/RL 12 Jan 2004 -- The U.S. administrator for Iraq, L. Paul Bremer (pictured), today urged Iraq's Governing Council to follow an established timeline for the creation of a new government, in spite of an influential cleric's demands for early elections.

United Nations

Reconstruction Issues

Foreign Reactions

  • Blair adamant on Iraqi war despite no WMD evidence PLA Daily 12 Jan 2004 -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday continued justifying the military action against Iraq although the alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are yet to be found.
  • Iraqi authorities disappointed as Saddam declared POW PLA Daily 12 Jan 2004 -- Iraqi authorities expressed their astonishment and disappointment Saturday after the United States declared former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein a prisoner of war (POW) nearly one month after his falling into the hands of the US forces.

News Reports

  • Post-Saddam Iraq VOA 12 Jan 2004 -- The U-S-led coalition formally began the process of handing over power to the people of Iraq. In each of Iraq's eighteen provinces, committees are to choose delegates who in turn will pick a national assembly. However, Iraq's most prominent religious leader, the Ayatollah Ali Sistani, has been calling for a direct form of elections to choose the assembly. That is one of the many issues that will have to be resolved before the coalition turns over sovereignty to the new Iraqi government in six months.
  • IRAQ: Focus on Mahmour camp IRIN 12 Jan 2004 -- Salah Musa wants two things - a regular job and to go back home to his village in Turkey. The 39-year-old father of five is covered in cement dust after trying to patch up his simple house in Mahmour camp.
  • IRAQ: Rights groups welcome release of detainees IRIN 12 Jan 2004 -- Human right groups welcomed the release of up to 80 detainees from a jail near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad on Friday but added that many had been detained due to wrong information.

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